1 year, 1 million users in the Zoom Learning Center

Zoom Learning Center, a free learning platform developed by Zoom to help you quickly learn how to get the most out of Zoom like a pro, was launched by Zoom in December 2021 with the aim of getting you running with Zoom like a pro bring. In the past year alone, over a million users from around the world have done just that, and the number is growing every day.

That’s about 1 million more successful screen shares, happy hair days, and positive meetings that can be attributed to our team. Looking for tips on how to improve your Zoom game? The Learning Center gives you access to the following resources:

  • 75+ on-demand courses

  • The Zoom suite of products gives you access to a wide variety of short, interactive courses from anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter what you are learn whether Whether you’re trying to learn how to register for a webinar or how to host your first meeting, there’s a course here that’s right for everyone.

  • Over six hours of video content

  • Is there something you need help with that you are having trouble with? From the 100+ Show Me videos we have available, you can get everything you need in less than five minutes.

  • 16 learning plans

  • Earn learning certificates to share with your network when you complete your full learning plans become an expert in Zoom.

  • Learning in eight languages

  • In There is a simple drop down menu on the Learning Center home page to select a language in which to access the most popular product and administration foundation courses: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.

  • A personalized dashboard

  • Your personalized dashboard gives you progress tracking and stats to keep you motivated throughout the day. With this feature, you can easily see what you’ve done so far and pick up where you left off.

Hear what our users say

“It was very easy to understand and I found it straightforward. It was great to try a meeting on my own and see how it went.”

For anyone wanting to start learning Zoom products and improve their productivity, the Zoom Learning Center is a great place to start.” The Zoom Learning Center is one of the best tools you can find.”

I am very impressed with the way the presentation was done! This was a very appealing course that I enjoyed and was able to concentrate on the material due to the small humorous touches.”

Take a look at our top rated courses of 2022 and find out what all the fuss is about:

  1. See the scene from an immersive perspective by zooming in

  2. Integrate the webinar participants into your webinar

  3. A Zoom room can be connected to a computer via the Internet

  4. Surveys at a glance

  5. Using the chat channel, finding and changing chat room settings

What’s next for the Zoom Learning Center?

The Learning Center is constantly expanding to meet user needs, as we keep adding new Courses and Zoom products, as well as localizations in different languages.

The Learning Center is also expanding its badges and qualifications programs too Allow users to share their marketable skills and achievements with other members of their professional networks in 2023 by allowing them to earn badges and qualifications. The Zoom Security Champion Badge can be earned in just 10 minutes today!

Jim Mercer, Zoom’s Head of Customer Success, said, “We built the Learning Center with the intention of empowering Zoom customers to achieve anything they dream of on Zoom, and we can’t wait to see.” what they can achieve.” “We are only at the beginning of the journey.”

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