5 Essential Zoom Team Chat Security Features

In fact, it is known that most organizations have their own technology stack that typically include phone lines, email servers, and video conferencing solutions, but Many employees are also fascinated by Instant News, one of the many popular modern communication tools that many workers find very useful to communicate with each other.

Zoom Team Chat lets you communicate asynchronously and share information in a timely manner using our enterprise messaging platform. Unlike the in-meeting chat feature available on Zoom’s desktop client, Zoom Team Chat is a persistent messaging solution that’s part of Zoom’s desktop client. It should not be confused with chat during a meeting. In addition, Zoom’s desktop client has a number of other applications such as Zoom Phone, Zoom Apps, Zoom Whiteboard, and many others.

In keeping with Zoom’s commitment to security, Zoom’s chat solution was designed with security at its core. In addition to its numerous security features, it offers a variety of other features that help ensure smooth communication in a secure environment. In my opinion, these five features are among the most important important ones:

Important chat security features

  1. Management of external contacts: Users have the ability to enable or disable adding external contacts to their accounts, as well as view and remove any external contacts already added, and the ability to chat with external contacts can also be enabled or disabled by the account owner or admin. By providing the e-mail address of a external Zoom user as a contact it is possible add to them as contacts if the feature is on allows. In addition to chatting with the external user, you can share files and images with them you and You can meet with them immediately after they approve your contact request. A “external” The label appears next to an external user’s name when that user is present in a chat or channel, and in the compose box when that user is present.

  1. link preview: Each time you share a link with a public audience in a chat or channel, a thumbnail preview will appear at the bottom of the screen. As a result, other users can get a better idea of ​​the link’s destination by looking at the content of the website themselves.

  1. Set the GIF rating: The account owner or admin of the account can decide whether to allow GIF images created with GIPHY for use in Zoom Team Chat by setting a “rating” for the GIF image. Users will only see GIF images with these ratings in their library in the Zoom team chat if those images have been rated G, PG, PG-13 or R by their admin of GIPHY, and these GIF images will only appear if this is the case have been rated by GIPHY as G, PG, PG-13 or R by their administrator.

  1. Chat etiquette tool: In Zoom Team Chat and In-Meeting Chat, this feature can be used to help users automatically discover keywords and pattern data that can be used to prevent users from sending unwanted messages, e.g. B. those with inappropriate language, to share within these chat sessions. One thing to note here is that chat etiquette policies are defined by account admins, not Zoom and the The tool is not intended to send reports or flags to account admins or anyone else asking them to enforce chat etiquette policies.

  1. Advanced chat encryption: In order to use it, it is necessary for the user to log in as a user thes function to createte a private comCommunications that can only be viewed by the intended recipient. Once Enhanced Chat Encryption is enabled, chat participants’ devices are used to generate and execute keys used to encrypt data in chat. Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology, on the other hand, is used in the transmission of chat data in transit. The functionality of some features of the chat program will be lost if you use advanced chat encryption.

Instant messaging, consistent security

It’s one of Zoom’s One services, which includes a team chat system, VoIP phone, whiteboard, and video conferencing solution. In addition to the One Business service, Zoom’s One Team Chat is part of Zoom’s One Services. Zoom believes that providing the preferably possible protection and support for our customers is a high priority which For this reason, Zoom Team Chat is an integral part of Zoom’s overall security strategy. The instant messaging software we offer easily integrates with our other Zooms solutions so that we can provide you with a truly unified communications experience designed to help you remain secure and trusted.

Explore Zoom’s Trust Center, where you’ll find a selection of our privacy, security, and security resources that will help you learn more about Zoom’s approach to security.

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