Administrator Guide for the Zoom Phone Appliance

Zoom Phone Appliance combines the features of Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone into a simple, compact desk phone. Users can join, start and control Zoom Meetings from the Zoom Phone Appliance, search for contacts, place, transfer and conference calls, access multiple lines, access voicemail messages and escalate calls to Zoom Meetings via voicemail. In addition, the Zoom Phone Appliance supports the Zoom Workspace Reservation user workflow, which allows users to check in to Zoom device-enabled desks by scanning QR codes, interactive maps, and desk occupancy status.

This article covers:

  • Admin registration for Zoom Phone appliances

Requirements for registering a Zoom Phone appliance as an administrator

  • Zoom Phone appliances are supported
  • Zoom Phone licenses are required
  • User-level or account-level calendar and contact integration is optional.

How to register a Zoom Phone appliance as an administrator

Zoom Device Management (ZDM) allows administrators to register Zoom Phone Appliances in its application management platform to manage applications and platform operating system upgrades and to advertise the device for rent in the reservation system.

  1. Access the Zoom web portal by logging into your account.
  2. Click Device Management in the navigation menu, and then click Device List in the Device Management section.
  3. In the upper-right corner, click the ellipsis that shows ellipsis, then click the Add Zoom Phone Appliance button.
  4. Here is the information you need to enter:
    • Friendly name: You can identify the phone by its friendly name.
    • MAC Address: The 12-digit MAC address of the device must be entered.
    • Device Type: Use the drop-down menus to select the vendor and model number.
    • Assign to: You can assign the phone to a user by entering their username or email address.

The Zoom Phone appliance and platform operating system may be forcibly updated once you have registered.

frequently asked Questions

What methods can you use to set up new users on the Zoom phone?

As an alternative to creating a new Zoom user, you can assign one a Zoom Phone license new Zoom user.

  1. Go to zoom internet portal and sign in.

  2. Click the User Management tab, and then click the Users tab in the navigation menu.

  3. Then click the Add User button.

  4. A user can be added to the system by entering the required information.

  5. The Zoom Phone feature can be found in the Features category.

  6. To add a Zoom Phone license to the user, simply click Add.

What are the features of the Zoom phone?

You can make calls with Zoom using the following features:

  • You can download Zoom on both your mobile device and your desktop computer. On Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple iOS, and Google Android devices, this platform provides a single, unified platform for meetings, phone calls, and team chat.

  • Desk phone support.

  • Financial support for transfer.

  • call forwarding.

  • voicemail.

  • call recording.

  • Salesforce integration.

  • call barring.

How does Zoom Phone licensing work?

With your Zoom account, you can assign licenses for Zoom Phones and Calling Plans for users. An extension number is assigned to a user once a Zoom Phone license is assigned to them. When adding a user to Zoom Phone, Zoom Phone will also send the user an email notifying them that the user has been added.

What is the Zoom Phone System?

Cloud-based phone systems are becoming increasingly popular. Communication in the cloud for modern companies. Collaboration, video and voice are all available on a single platform. The most advanced cloud phone system available today. Business communication and interaction is simplified with Zoom Phone’s traditional PBX capabilities.

Why do I need a Zoom phone?

With Zoom Phone, all incoming calls that aren’t answered go to your voicemail. When it comes to playing and managing your voicemail messages, you can use the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, Zoom PWA, or the web portal available on Zoom’s website.

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