ASU and Zoom Partner to Transform the Campus Experience

During the launch of Zoom’s Innovation Lab at Arizona State University (ASU), the company announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with ASU to create the first Zoom Innovation Lab at a university of this scale that will identify, develop and will implement forward-looking solutions for the education industry. What is unique about this program is that it offers students hands-on opportunities to participate in hands-on learning exercises, advance creative projects, and prepare for the modern workforce.

On October 13, as part of the university’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the university announced the launch of the Zoom Innovation Lab on its Tempe, Arizona campus. The event featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Zoom’s CTO, Brendan Ittelson, several Zoom educators, and also administrators from ASU. On behalf of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan, the company’s founder and CEO, delivered the opening speech virtually via Zoom.

Arizona State University (ASU) was named America’s Most Innovative University by US News and World Report for eight consecutive years and continues to set the benchmark for what it means to be a college. With a five-year partnership with Zoom, ASU intends to expand its position even further. This collaboration leverages Zoom’s advanced unified communications and collaboration technologies to expand ASU’s digital learning innovations and improve student experiences on campus and in the community.

This partnership also supports ASU’s efforts to shape the future by nurturing the next generation of leaders. The collaboration creates a path for ASU students to develop their skills and advance their careers through internships, job opportunities, and career development opportunities with Zoom.

“For two decades, ASU has been at the forefront of innovation in higher education,” said ASU President Michael M. Crow. “We believe innovation has the power to create a better future for all, and we’re honored to continue our work with Zoom to provide greater access to the many opportunities we offer.”

The next generation campus

The Zoom Innovation Lab at Arizona State University (ASU) is dedicated to improving the entire campus experience. The lab not only focuses on improving traditional face-to-face and distance learning, but also on the collaborative development of Zoom-enabled projects in diverse areas such as telemedicine, student services, and student safety. These projects are primarily led by students from the ASU Luminosity Lab, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and the ASU Enterprise Technology team. To gather more creative ideas, the lab hosted a student hackathon on October 14, aimed at generating innovative Zoom applications and solutions, including in the realm of virtual worlds or “Metaverse”.

“The concept of student creativity is seen as a catalyst for positive changes in university life that will bring a wealth of benefits to both students and faculty and revolutionize the entire educational experience.

Lev Gonick, CIO of ASU Public Enterprise, explained that modern universities can be thought of as mini-cities offering a wide range of services and activities such as educational programs, retail space, events, sports and communities. He believes that the initiative, through the use of technology, will not only improve the educational process, but also give students the opportunity to play a role in shaping the future of education by designing innovative experiences.

The Zoom Innovation Lab at Arizona State University features the Zoom Collaboration Studio, located on the ASU Campus Creativity Commons. This state-of-the-art facility features the latest in Zoom technology and includes amenities such as a Zoom Theater, Green Screen Room, interview/gaming pods and more. This studio offers students of all academic disciplines the opportunity to collaborate, create and socialize in a world-class environment. The studio was made possible with contributions from Logitech, Neat, Steelcase and Wacom, who provided equipment and furniture to outfit the space.”

innovation in action

Within the Zoom Innovation Lab at ASU, there are currently three notable projects currently underway:

  • zoom In the AS Universe: A team from ASU Enterprise Technology working on ASU’s digital twin is building a virtual one Real-time campus model using 3D modeling and data analysis. A virtual campus and an interactive classroom environment are simulated in real time and dynamically with the ASUniverse. As a means of connection real People with In this metaverse, Zoom will help virtual learners and visitors connect with each other (and vice versa), bridging the gap between the two virtual and real worlds.

  • Telemedicine app: ASU’s Luminosity Lab is partnering with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to develop a telemedicine app that will allow physicians to conduct virtual visits to their patients within a Hospital environment via the Zoom video conferencing system. This app was developed by students interested in industrial design and software development and was developed to provide children’s hospital doctors with a more efficient way to see their patients in the hospital.

  • MyASU Mobile App: As part of the ASU Mobile App, Zoom will also be integrated into the app. It will be possible for students to attend classes and meet with professors for additional learning ways, too Make appointments with the Studentenwerk and make appointments with your friends directly from the student via Zoom app so they can keep in touch with each other.

It was a college that was our very first customer, which inspired us to create a new classroom that would revolutionize education, said Eric S. Yuan, Zoom’s founder and chief executive officer. “Today, I look forward to continuing to partner with ASU to take this concept one step further and create the campus of the future.”

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