Batch import, export or update phone users in the Zoom app

If you, as an account owner or admin, need to assign more than 100 licenses to existing users, you can assign Zoom Phone licenses to them in batches. A Zoom Phone license is automatically assigned to a user when they purchase a Zoom Phone license. Once you have assigned licenses, you can change the settings of phones and assign direct phone numbers to users.

It is also possible to export and update the phone users using a CSV file. The number of phone users that can be exported to a CSV file is not limited in any way.

Requirements for batch importing, exporting, or updating phone users

  • Account type: Pro, Business or Education
  • Ownership or administrative rights for the account
  • License for Zoom Phone

How to batch assign licenses and calling packages to existing users

  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you must log in.
  2. Click Phone System Management in the navigation menu, then select Users & Rooms from the drop-down menu.
  3. The Import button is at the top of the Users table.
  4. You must provide the following information:
  5. You may not see the following two options if you have multiple sites with site codes enabled. You can use the CSV file to specify the site name and template name.
    • Imported to (Optional):
    • Select the target site you want the users to belong to if you have multiple sites. The target page name is not used when you select the target page in the CSV file. Specify site names in CSV files when importing data from multiple sites.
    • Specify a template to be assigned to users:
    • A template will be applied to the upgraded users once you click the checkbox.
  6. To view a sample CSV file and a list of required fields, click Sample CSV on the web portal.
  7. Use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to complete the CSV example.
  8. The CSV file you will send must meet the format requirements to be accepted.
  9. Once you have your CSV file ready, you can select it and start the batch process by clicking Upload CSV.
  10. Batch processing will not complete if one or more fields are incorrect. You have several options:
    • You can view a description of fields that were filled in incorrectly by clicking Details.
    • To allow the batch to continue, click Ignore issues and upload others (if applicable). No rows with errors are imported from the CSV. Errors in all lines prevent you from seeing this option.
    • The batch process cannot be completed if all rows in the CSV file contain errors. Once you’ve repaired the CSV file, click Reupload.
    • The batch import can be canceled by clicking the Close button.
  11. When the batch process has completed successfully, click the Close button.

How to export and update existing phone users

If you need to update existing phone users’ extensions, extensions, calling packages, or desk phone provisioning information, you can batch update existing phone users.

  1. You can access the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. Then click Users & Rooms in the navigation menu.
  3. A CSV file of existing phone users can be exported by clicking Export at the top of the users table.
  4. Currently displayed phone users are exported. Use the filters and search box to show only some phone users, then click Export if you don’t want to export all phone users.
  5. Review and change user settings using the exported CSV file. If you prefer, you can delete any user entries that do not need to be updated, and then choose which user settings to copy during the batch update process.
  6. Then click Import.
  7. Go to the Users tab and click Update User.
  8. Please provide the following information:
  9. These options will not appear if you have activated multiple sites with site codes. A CSV file must be used to specify the site and template.
    • Imported to (Optional):
    • The landing page for users should be selected if you have more than one page. The site name of the CSV file is not used when you select a target site. Specify the site names in the CSV file if you want to import data from multiple sites.
    • Specify a template to be assigned to users:
    • If you check the box, a template will be applied to the upgraded users after you check the box.
  10. You can use the Sample CSV option on the web portal to view or download a sample CSV file that contains the required fields.
  11. Use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to edit or fill in the exported CSV file.
  12. Check that your CSV file is formatted correctly.
  13. Select your finished CSV file and click Upload CSV to start the batch process.
  14. Batch processing will not complete if one or more fields are incorrect. You have several options:
    • If a field is not filled out correctly, click Details to view a description.
    • Proceed with the batch process by clicking Ignore issues and upload others (if applicable). We do not import rows with errors in the CSV. Errors in all lines prevent you from seeing this option.
    • CSV rows with errors are not processed in a batch. Once the CSV file is repaired, click Upload again.
    • If you want to cancel batch imports, click Close.
  15. After the batch process completes successfully, click Close.

CSV requirements

Please make sure your CSV file meets the following requirements when importing or updating phone users:


  • The first line of field names should not be deleted.
  • Please enter the following telephone number (without spaces or dashes):
    1. plus sign (+)
    2. country code
    3. Phone prefix
    4. phone number
  • Plus signs are not allowed in some spreadsheet programs. The plus sign (+) can be added by opening the CSV file in a text editor. You may see quotation marks in a text editor when viewing the CSV file in a text editor. Type the plus sign (‘+) without creating a formula when using Microsoft Excel.

Empty fields

You can use a blank entry for each of the following fields if you want to remove or demote an item from the phone user. For more information about these fields, see the Phone User Settings article.

  • Package: To downgrade the package, Zoom Phone Basic is used.
  • Phone Numbers: The numbers will be moved to an unassigned number.
  • The desk phone fields (Concept, Make, Model, MAC Address, Provisioning Template) are moved to unassigned devices. You should ensure that all fields related to this desk phone are left blank in order to remove this desk phone from the user’s record.

Fields that require a calling package

To use these fields, you must provide a valid calling package. If you want to learn more about these fields, please read the article on phone user settings.

Leave these fields blank if you do not want a calling package associated with the phone user.

Fields for desk phones

There is a field for unassigned desk phones and a field for desk phones that have not yet been added to the web portal. If the desk phone is not already added to the web portal, it will be added after uploading the CSV file. Provision of new desk phones must be done.

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