Bridge the language gap and connect people with Zoom translated subtitles

As part of Zoom’s mission to connect the world and more specifically people around the world, they provide a way for people to connect with each other. Often, however, these people do not speak the same language, so they have difficulty communicating. Introducing Translated Captions, a new Zoom add-on that breaks down language barriers, helps people connect and makes your meetings and webinars more inclusive by breaking down language barriers.

To encourage a more inclusive environment at every meeting and webinar, you can use the translated subtitles feature to reduce the need for interpreters and third-party integrations. Whether you run a large multinational company with employees who speak multiple languages ​​or run a global university with students from all over the world, translating captions will help you bridge the language gap between your employees and students.

Zoom One’s internal captioning service will now include translated captions as part of its Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus plans, which will be released in June 2023. In an increasingly connected and global world, this type of functionality can facilitate the effective collaboration of more and more people and remove one of the biggest barriers to effective collaboration.

As an add-on for Zoom accounts, the feature allows attendees to translate their source language into English subtitles in meetings and webinars hosted on our Zoom Events solution, as well as translate English subtitles into their preferred language when on attend a zoom meeting or webinar.

There are currently 12 languages ​​for which we offer subtitle translations:

The translation of the captions is included in the full transcript of a recorded meeting or webinar, but not in the recording itself if the meeting was recorded.

Additionally, we’re continually trying to improve our subtitling capabilities so that as we evolve, your meetings can become even more inclusive. We are planning the following tasks in the coming months:

  • It is now possible to translate subtitles In more than twice as many languages ​​as before

  • The captions can be translated to and from languages ​​other than English, for example from French to German and vice versa – for example, the captions can be translated from English to German and vice versa

Who can access translated subtitles?

For only $5/month per user, you can add this translation feature to any paid Zoom license if you want to take advantage of the translation feature. The translated subtitles follow the settings configured by the host. When a host allows the use of translated captions in their meeting or webinar, all attendees and attendees can use them during the event.

It is not necessary to purchase a paid license to use translated subtitles within a paid account (including Basic), but any license type within that account can use this feature.

How to enable translated subtitles

Translated subtitles can be easily enabled in the Zoom website portal, where users can enable the translation feature and select their preferred language settings. To ensure you have the latest Zoom features, you can also download the latest Zoom desktop client from our website.

The subtitle language can be selected directly during the meeting, once the caption was activated and the languages ​​set. There is a translated caption at the bottom of the screen, which you can always hide as you wish.

You can view the full transcript of a meeting on Zoom’s web portal when Full Transcript is enabled. Show subtitles next to it in the menu choose Watch the full transcript if you’d like view the captions in theirs full Context. If you select the transcript on the right side of the interface, you will have the option to view the full transcript recording by selecting the option under the transcript field. There’s even a name you can see next to each label to help identify the speaker.


It is important that you choose the right language for your translation during your meeting or webinar when using Translated captions, so that it matches the language you are speaking in during the meeting or webinar. The Show Subtitles menu allows you to select the spoken language from the list of languages ​​that can be displayed. This helps ensure that the captions and translations will be made available to other participants and participants in a timely manner.

Get translated captions today

Our dedicated team aims to advance the translated subtitles feature so businesses everywhere can benefit from it settled, promoting a culture of understanding that helps promote equality between hybrid teams and ensures everyone has an equal voice.

You can start using translated captions right away by contacting your Zoom Account Manager or by filling out the Zoom Sales contact form form you can find below on this page.

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