Change chat settings on your mobile device in the Zoom app

If you would like to edit your chat settings for your mobile device, you can do so by navigating to the chat settings page. You can choose how you want to receive notifications, how unread messages are handled, when the notifications are sent, and how they are sent.

If you’re using the Zoom desktop client, you can also change chat notification settings.


  • Zoom provides a mobile app for iOS or Android users

Change your chat preferences

  1. The settings icon (gear) can be accessed by tapping it
  2. Tap Chat.
  3. To edit the settings, tap the toggle or Settings button.
    • Include Link Preview: Each time you use a link in your message, you should include a link preview that includes the page title, thumbnail, and description.
    • Receive alerts for
      • all messages
      • Private messages and mentions only: Notifications will appear when someone uses @(your name) in any of the group chat channels and when someone uses @(your name) in a private 1-on-1 chat.
      • Nothing
      • With exceptions for groups: If you want to have notification settings that differ from those set above for specific channels, you can set exceptions in the notification settings.
      • Note: To open the iOS notification settings for Zoom, tap Turn on notifications if you don’t see those options when you tap Turn on notifications in the Zoom app.
    • unread messages
      • Keep all unread messages on top: The unread chats will be moved to the top of your chats list if you move them from the bottom.
      • Show number of unread messages for channels: Next to each chat you can see how many unread messages there are.
      • The end of the conversation should move to the end of messages with new replies
    • Get alerts for keywords: If you want to receive notifications about specific keywords, you can set them up.
    • When new replies are posted to messages I follow, please notify me of the new messages.
    • Disable during a meeting: If you’re in a meeting, consider turning off notifications while you’re there
    • Do Not Disturb: Temporarily turn off notifications for this device, or set a time period when you won’t receive notifications from this device.
    • Unread messages can be viewed when viewing a channel’s unread messages
      • The first unread item appears at the top of the list
      • Use the latest date as a starting point
    • Preview the message
    • When should I be notified?
      • Always, even when I’m active on the desktop: Whether you’re using the desktop client or not, you’ll always get notifications on your phone.
      • I can only use my desktop when I’m not actively using it: Notifications only appear on the phone when the desktop app is idle and you’re not using it.
    • In-App Vibration: Notifications will vibrate when they appear.
    • In-App Alert Sound: A sound is played whenever a notification appears.

frequently asked Questions

During a meeting, tap More, then tap Chat. You can chat directly with attendees by selecting their names from the Send to: dropdown menu. Fill out the chat window with your message. Privately sent messages can be accessed with a tap.

Access to a phone user’s settings. You can access the Zoom web portal by logging in. You can access users and rooms by clicking Phone System Management in the navigation menu. You can customize settings for a specific phone user by clicking on their name.

The meeting and chat settings can be viewed by tapping Settings.

  1. Changing your profile picture, name or password is as easy as tapping your name.
  2. Change your meeting settings, e.g. B. enabling/disabling your microphone and mirroring your video.
  3. Manage your contacts and approve contact requests by finding phone contacts using Zoom.

You can access the Zoom web portal by logging in. Go to the Settings menu and click on it. Navigate to the Meetings tab. Meeting chat can be enabled or disabled under In Meeting (Basic).

How do I disable chat in the Zoom app during meetings?

  1. My meeting settings can be found under Profile settings.
  2. Make sure “Chat” and “Private Chat” are not selected.

How to use Zoom chat feature on Android

    1. You can access more options at the bottom of a meeting by tapping the More option.
    2. Navigate to the new menu and tap on Chat.
    3. In the chat window you can type your message.
    4. Your message will be sent as soon as you tap Send.
    5. You can send a message to anyone from the chat menu.

Go to the App Store. Scroll down and tap “Updates”. You can view pending updates by scrolling down. The Zoom app can be updated by tapping “Update” next to it.

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