Change waiting room settings for Zoom Contact Center

Admins have the ability to change a waiting room’s settings after it has been created. With Waiting Rooms, video interactions with inbound agents get a media-rich waiting experience while they await their agent’s response. By displaying your company logo and providing a description for consumers to see, you can give them peace of mind that a representative will be connected as soon as possible.

Alternatively, estimated wait times can also be displayed to consumers in the waiting room as part of the Route To widget by enabling the estimated wait times options.

Prerequisites for changing waiting room settings

  • Ownership or administrative privileges for an account
  • An account for professionals, businesses or educators
  • A Zoom Contact Center license is required

How to access the waiting room settings

  1. To access Zoom’s web portal, you must first log in.
  2. Select Contact Center Management from the navigation menu and then select Waiting Room from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the ellipsis icon (…) at the end of the last column, then click one of the options below:
    • Edit: Waiting room settings can be changed.
    • Customize: It is possible to change the customization settings for the waiting room.

Waiting Room Settings

  • Rename the waiting room to make it easier to identify and add a description to explain what it is about.
  • Allow waiting room notification: An agent notifies the visitor when they are ready to make the call. You can invite the visitor to the video interaction at any time.
    • Notification Audio: Create your own notification sound. Choose one of the following options when you click Edit:
      • Add Audio: The notification sound can be changed by adding a new audio file. You can upload your audio file by clicking upload, selecting and adding it. Your asset library will also be updated with the file.
      • Asset Library: Click Confirm after selecting an audio file from your Asset Library.
      • Reset to default media: The notification sound will be reset to the default state.
    • Notification timeout: You can choose how long the notification is displayed. Video engagements expire after a certain period of time.
  • Customize Waiting Room: When your customers are waiting to meet with an agent, you can customize their waiting room experience by clicking Customize. In this waiting room, all flows are affected.
  • Delete: Waiting rooms can be deleted and default waiting room views can be enforced.

Customization settings for the waiting room

  • Title: You can show the customer a title or a meeting topic.
  • See participants in the waiting room: Customer-related information can be selected.
    • The default screen: Displays only the title or topic of the meeting.
    • A logo and a description: You can display a title, a logo, and a description.
    • A video: When customers enter the waiting room, a video is played automatically. You can upload a video by clicking Upload.
  • Logo: Clients can see your logo when you upload it.
  • Description: To view customers, enter a description.

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frequently asked Questions

how do i customize mine zoom meet waiting room?

Waiting room titles, logos, and descriptions can be customized at the account and group level, as well as at the individual user level depending on the account and group type.

  1. If you have enabled the waiting room, you can customize it by clicking Customize Waiting Room. It will open the Waiting Room customization options once you click on it. …

  2. If you want to show something to attendees in the waiting room, you have a choice:…

  3. When you are finished editing, click Save.

How do I change my Zoom Room settings?

Zoom Room settings can be accessed go to the Zoom Room settings page

  1. You can access the Zoom web portal by logging in.

  2. To grow a room, click the Grow Rooms button under Room Management.

  3. Use the tabs at the top of the page can become Filter results by location or rooms.

  4. Whenever you want to change the location or room of a room, you should click on the edit button next to it.

  5. Each tab can be customized by making the following changes:

Can you turn off the waiting room in Zoom during the meeting?

The Waiting Room option can be disabled for an ongoing Zoom meeting by selecting the Participants option in the Host Controls bar and selecting the participants blackboard, and then Disable it in the participants area. After the meeting window opens, click More. button that appears under the list of participant and then If it appears in the meeting window, turn off Put attendee in the waiting room on entry option.

Can you change zoom settings before a meeting?

The Zoom web portal gives you the ability to review and customize some important Ideas. There are many settings that affect the flow of a meeting. During the meeting, you can adjust all of these settings to give you and your attendees a smoother in-meeting experience.

Where is the zoom configuration?

If you log into the Zoom desktop client on your computer, you can access the Zoom desktop client settings so you can make changes. You can access your profile settings by clicking on your profile picture.

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