Changing group settings for managed Zoom clients

You can now start managing the settings on the Zoom client installed on each of these devices that have been registered with ZDM using the Zoom client that has been installed on them. It is possible to configure the policies that you want to apply to a specific group of devices by following the steps below:

  1. As an administrator, you must log in to the web portal.
  2. Then click Device List in the navigation menu.
  3. You can manage groups by going to the Groups tab.
  4. To edit a group, click the Edit button.
  5. Go to Zoom Clients.
  6. You can customize policies in the General, Meeting, and Chat sections.
  7. Turn each policy on or off.
  8. Click Enable or Disable when a confirmation dialog box appears.
  9. To prevent this dialog from appearing every time, click Don’t remind me again.


  • The Devices tab on the Device List page allows you to view a complete list of devices managed by ZDM for your account.
  • A policy is not assigned by ZDM to a user, but to a device running the Zoom client.
  • For more information on each available policy and how it affects your Android and iOS devices, see the relevant article on MSI, GPO, MDM for Android and iOS, or Plist deployment.
  • Policies already deployed via MSI/GPO/PLIST/MDM are not affected by ZDM registration, but policies modified via ZDM replace those modified through manual packaging and deployment.

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You can access Zoom’s web portal by logging in. You can access Account Settings by clicking Account Management in the navigation pane. Three tabs display your account settings: Meeting, Recording, and Audio Conference. Change the setting by navigating there.

In Account Management, click Account Settings.Groups can be accessed by clicking User Management and then Groups.Select a group and click Edit.

Prepare before your meeting:

  1. When attendees join the meeting, make sure they’re muted.
  2. Monitor the chat window in the meeting.
  3. Answer chat questions directly or read them to the moderator.
  4. Participants should inform the moderator if they have problems with the audio or any other aspect of the meeting.
  5. If necessary, unmute participants.

How to view and edit meetings

  1. In the Outlook desktop app, switch to the calendar view.
  2. To view the details of a Zoom meeting, double-click it.
  3. Select Edit Event from the menu.
  4. The zoom can be selected by clicking on the three dots in the top toolbar.
  5. To access Zoom’s settings, click the Zoom button.
  6. Click Update to apply your changes to your meeting options.

Why are some of my settings locked on Zoom?

You cannot adjust certain settings because they have been locked by administrators. In these settings, the toggle says Locked by admin. Check My Meeting Settings in the Zoom Help Center to learn more about the settings you can control.

You must do the following:

  1. Access your Zoom account settings by logging in as an administrator.
  2. You can change your account settings by clicking Account Management in the navigation menu.
  3. Navigate to the Meetings tab.
  4. To enable Immersive View, click the toggle under In Meeting (Advanced).

With the Zoom desktop client, you can access settings by logging in. You can access your profile settings by clicking on your profile picture.

Sign in to Zoom on your desktop. You can access your profile settings by clicking on your profile picture.tabular form.Navigate to the Advanced tab

Access to user management. Sign in as the Zoom account owner or admin. Users can be found under User Management in the navigation menu.

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