Changing voicemail PIN code requirements in the Zoom app

Voicemail PINs can be lengthened and made more complex by administrators. Voicemail PINs are required on a desk phone.


These settings can only be changed at the site level if you have multiple sites enabled. Changing these settings at the account level is the only option when multiple websites are disabled.

Prerequisites for Changing Voicemail PIN Code Requirements

  • Account type: Pro, Business or Education
  • ownership or management rights
  • License for Zoom Phone

How to change voicemail PIN code requirements

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. Select Phone System Management and then Company Info from the navigation menu to display the Zoom web portal.
  3. If you have multiple websites in your Zoom account, you will need to follow one of these options:
    • After enabling multiple sites, you need to open the webpage you want to edit. Click on the site name to access the settings.
    • Click Account Settings if you disabled more than one website.
  4. Then, in the Security section, make the following changes:
  5. The changes you make in this section will only take effect from the time you make them. If phone users previously created PINs that don’t meet the requirements, they don’t need to change their PINs.
    • PIN length:
    • There should be a minimum requirement for the length of voicemail PINs. The value can be set anywhere between 4 and 20 characters.
    • The PIN is not the same as the extension number:
    • You should not allow phone users to set PINs that match their extension numbers.
    • The PIN cannot contain a group of repeated digits:
    • The PIN must not contain any repeating numbers, eg 111111 or 333333; This is to ensure the privacy of phone users.
    • The PIN cannot be an ascending or descending group of digits:
    • The lack of a choice between ascending or descending numbers in the PINs field is intended to prevent users from creating such PINs. These include, for example, 123456 or 987654.
    • Update PIN frequency:
    • Choose how often you want to update PINs for phone users.

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