Changing Zoom Contact Center account settings

Zoom contact center settings provide admins with the ability to change account-level settings such as: B. The reason for deregistration from queues.

This article covers several topics including:

  • How to change account settings
  • Account ID tab
  • Entry ID tab
  • Variables tab.

Prerequisites for changing account-level settings

  • Ownership or administrative privileges for the account; or relevant roles or permissions for the account
  • There are three types of accounts: Professional, Business, and Education
  • To use Zoom Contact Center, you must purchase a license

How to change account settings

  1. You can register via the Zoom web portal.
  2. Select Contact Center Management from the navigation menu and then Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Here are the settings you need to change.

Account tab

  • System Status: Agents can choose from a variety of statuses that appear in this section. To add more statuses, click the Add Status button. To see real-time agent status, see the real-time analytics dashboard.
  • Queue unsubscribe: Ensure that queue members can choose whether or not to receive incoming notifications from the queue in the future.
  • Queue opt-out reasons: When a queue member decides to unsubscribe from a queue, they should be prompted to choose an opt-out reason for their decision.
  • Automatic Voice Call Recording: Voice call recording can be set up automatically if you wish.
  • Ah-Hoc Voice Call Recording: Ah-Hoc voice call recording can be set up as follows.
  • Dial-in to video engagements: A dial-in number must be set up for video engagements.
  • flow noise:
    • Processing media:
    • The audio plays continuously until the voice interaction widget is processed by consumers, just like the music consumers hear when they are put on hold if there is a delay in handling flow voice interaction widgets. The default audio prompt plays when you click the play icon.
  • Simultaneous message weighting:
  • Inactive chats or SMS engagements should be assigned a weight value (between 0.01 and 1) in the 0 to 1 range. According to the “Maximum Concurrent Messaging” setting in User Preferences, this weight is used to determine the maximum number of active chats or SMS engagements that agents can handle at the same time. If the maximum concurrency is 2 and the weight is 0.5, a weight of 0.50 allows the agent to participate in four messaging interactions at the same time.
  • Inactive Messages: Set how to handle inactive chat or SMS engagements and close them after they become inactive.
  • Verified Subdomains: For Zoom Contact Center, you can view or add verified subdomains that have been verified.

Entry ID tab

Maintain a list of Video Flow Entry IDs.

Variables tab.

Variables you create can be managed.

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