Channel rights for external users in the Zoom app

As shown in the table below, external users have fewer channel permissions compared to internal users, as shown in the example below.

Note: An account admin or channel admin can enable or disable the permissions marked with an asterisk

by making sure they are enabled. For more information on a specific privilege, simply click on the embedded link for that privilege.

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Applications and Integrations

Comparison privilege



This allows you to view members’ full profile information (name, photo, phone number, extension number, department, job title, location, etc.)

Note: External members can access a member’s full profile information if the member is a contact of the external member. A member’s profile name and photo are the only things external members can see if they are not a contact of that member.
The presence status of the members can be viewed here *
* Check out the bots used in the channel
Create private or channels in internal user’s account

where you can join any public or private channel created in the internal user’s account

Note: Channel admins can enable the privilege of allowing members to invite external users to a channel by setting the channel’s privacy settings to allow it.
* The internal user’s account contains a list of public channels that can be searched.

Creating a private channel on the forum is a great way to interact with other members

Note: It is the responsibility of the channel admin to grant this permission to external members using the channel’s privacy settings.

Set up channel settings and remove members from channels

Note: The channel admin is the only person who has access to these permissions. It is possible to assign the channel administrator role to an external user.
Exit a channel


Members can be contacted directly via direct message

Note: External members can send messages to contacts who are external members.

If you belong to the same channel, you can start a group chat with your other members

Note: Group chats can be started by external members with contacts who are members of the group.
They can see the history of chats and files shared with them in the channels they have access to *
*[user] In the chat room you can use @all or @ if you want to notify all members or a single member

meeting and phone Join a group meeting with all members or start your own group meeting with all members.

Organize a meetup between all members on a one-to-one basis or schedule a Zoom call together with members using the same channels

Note: To meet in person with external members who are contacts, they can use Zoom Phone or start a one-to-one conversation.

Applications and Integrations Use slash commands and shortcuts to send messages

and creating, updating, or connecting to apps and custom integrations associated with internal user accounts on channels owned by you

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I add external channels to my Zoom channel?

  1. Create a channel for members and invite them to join
  2. Launch Zoom’s desktop client by logging in with your Zoom account.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click the Chat tab.
  4. To invite members to a channel, click the channel you want to invite them to.
  5. It is possible to add members to your group by clicking the info icon on the right side of the page.

What are external users presenting in Zoom?

It’s important to note that external users are those who are not already members of your Zoom account. It is important to note that external contacts are those Zoom users who have added internal users to their contact directory by adding them as external contacts.

How do I allow external users in Zoom? You can add an authentication exception by clicking the Add button located next to the Authentication Exception field. If the person is registered with Zoom, you will need to enter their name and email address. If you select “Add participants”, you can add more than one person.

To save the document, you must ensure that all participants have been added.

Can you chat with people outside of your organization on Zoom?

When you add a contact to Zoom, you’ll need to add him or her manually if you want to chat with someone outside of your organization.

What is a channel in the Zoom app?

It is possible to create a channel in your Zoom account for users to communicate and chat with each other. Typically, this type of material is used in conjunction with one or more of these groups on a regular basis for projects, teams, or issues directly related to one or more of these groups. Anyone can join a public channel, but a private channel is only available to members who have been invited.

What is the difference between basic and licensed Zoom?

The basic account is a free account that allows the user to hold meetings for up to 40 minutes if more than two people are in the meeting (Zoom Cloud account). A licensed user is someone who has paid for a Zoom Cloud account and can host unlimited meetings on the public cloud (Zoom Cloud) for a monthly fee.

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