Customize your Zoom Rooms wallpaper

It is possible to add custom images as backgrounds to all Zoom rooms in your account or to specific rooms, floors or locations in your account on the Zoom web portal.

As well as customizing all of Zoom Rooms’ digital signage content, you can also change the background image on the scheduling displays, allowing you to use an image of your choice when the room is not in use.

This article covers:

  • Zoom Rooms wallpaper requirements
  • How to add a default wallpaper for all Zoom Rooms
  • How to add or change the background image for a single room, floor or location

Requirements for managing the customization of a Zoom Rooms background

  • An account owner or admin must have the following permissions:
  • Zoom Rooms version 3.5.19327.0620 or later is required

Zoom Rooms wallpaper requirements

Before uploading your custom background, follow these guidelines:

  • Format: GIF, JPG/JPEG or 24-bit PNG (without alpha). White backgrounds are displayed when there are transparent areas in PNGs.
  • Minimum size: 960 pixels
  • Maximum size: 1920 pixels
  • Recommended dimensions: Aspect ratio: 16:9. Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels. The background image may appear with black bars if the image is not in 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Maximum file size: 5MB

Example images: An instruction with a meeting list is shown on TV as a standard instruction

Here are a few sample icons to get you started: Zoom Rooms

How to upload a default wallpaper for all Zoom Rooms

  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by account owners and administrators by logging into the portal.
  2. To access Zoom Rooms, click the Room Management link in the navigation menu.
  3. You can find the Account Settings link by clicking on it.
  4. You can access your account profile by clicking on the Account Profile tab.
  5. Locate the Zoom Rooms wallpaper on the Setup tab of Zoom Rooms settings.
  6. Click the Upload Image button.
    Note: Please ensure your image meets our guidelines before uploading.
  7. Click the Open button after selecting the image you want to open.
    As soon as you have selected a setting, a preview of the image appears below it.
  8. Click the lock icon next to the default image in your Zoom Rooms account if you want to prevent Zoom Rooms from using that image. Once you click Block, you’ll be given the opportunity to confirm your choice.

The next time you want to change your wallpaper, just click Upload new image under the current default image at the top right of your screen. Delete the Zoom Room wallpaper if you want to remove it as the default wallpaper for all Zoom Rooms in your account when you click Delete.

How to change the wallpaper for a single room, floor or location

You can upload a custom wallpaper for a specific floor, room, or location as long as the default image is not locked at the account level.

  1. You must sign in as an account owner or admin to access the Zoom web portal.
  2. From the navigation menu on the left, click Room Management, then click Zoom Rooms.
  3. To apply a background to a room, floor or location, first look for it in the tabs and use the search function to find it. Then click Edit to the right of the room, floor, or location.
    Tip: It’s a good idea to move the current window to a wider screen so you can see the Edit button, or use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the panel if you don’t see it.
  4. To edit a room’s profile, click the Profile tab.
  5. Under the “Zoom Rooms” setting, you should be able to find the wallpaper for that setting in the setup menu.
    An image preview will appear on the right side of your screen if a default image has been set at the account level, along with a “Using account settings” notification, if any.
  6. You can upload a new image by clicking the Upload New Image button.
    Note: Uploading an image must follow our guidelines.
  7. Click Open after selecting your image.
    An image preview is displayed for that specific location or room.
    Tip: If you want to remove an uploaded picture, click Reset. They will be replaced with the default image if one has been uploaded at the account level.

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