Displaying closed captions in Zoom Rooms

It is possible to show closed captions on the Zoom Rooms display when closed captioning or live transcription is available as part of a meeting.

Requirements for showing closed captions in Zoom Rooms

  • Version 5.0.5 or later of Zoom Rooms (show captions only) is required.
  • Whether it’s a closed-captioned meeting or a live transcript of the meeting
  • This role allows you to edit Zoom Rooms at any time

How to enable closed captions in Zoom Rooms

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click the Room Management link in the navigation menu, then click Zoom Rooms in the drop-down menu.
  3. The zoom room where you want to enable captions can be accessed by clicking Edit next to the zoom room.
  4. Click the Meetings tab at the top of the screen.
  5. To enable or disable manual captions and automatic captions (live transcription) in the meeting, click the switch next to In Meeting (Enhanced).

How to display subtitles or live transcripts in a zoom room

  1. Join a meeting where the host provides closed captioning and a live transcript of the meeting.
  2. Whenever you have live transcriptions or captions enabled on your Zoom Rooms controller, you will see a red dot over the settings icon.
  3. From the settings icon, tap Closed Caption and then tap the button to enable it.
  4. Enable Closed Caption by tapping the switch next to it.
  5. Use the slider to adjust the text size (optional).

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frequently asked Questions

How can I show subtitles on Zoom?

Signing in with your Zoom account will allow you to connect to the Zoom desktop client. Join any of the meetings or webinars that interest you. In the meeting controls, you’ll see a notice above the Closed button Label that informs you about the availability of subtitles if enabled by the host. To start showing subtitles, click Subtitles at the top of the page.

Do captions work in Zoom breakout rooms?

This is a quick guide on how to set up subtitles in the breakout rooms you use. In the meeting controls, attendees have the option to click Show Captions to display captions in the breakout rooms they are in. We recommend that if you are hosting the meeting and would like to have closed captioning in the breakout rooms, you use a third party captioning service.

Does Zoom have automatic subtitles?

The host or another host-assigned participant can add captions to a meeting in three ways: manual captioning by the host or another host-assigned participant, enhanced captioning through an integrated third-party service, or automatic captioning (also known as live transcription) through the automatic captioning feature by Zoom.

How do I enable Zoom transcription?

You can enable the audio transcription feature by logging into the Zoom website and clicking on the Audio Transcription tab on the left side of the screen. There is a navigation menu at the top of the page that you can access click to access the Settings section. You can verify that this setting is enabled by navigating to the Cloud Recording option on the Recording tab and clicking the checkbox next to it.

How accurate are Zoom captions?

When you record a meeting and upload it to the Zoom cloud from Canvas, Zoom automatically generates subtitles/transcripts for your Canvas course due to Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). To determine the accuracy of these labels, a number of factors must be considered. The chancesoftThose that make an accurate prediction rarely score above 85%.

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