Empower your customer support with the Zoom Phone Power Pack

Many people have gotten used to the fact that in a world that is “always on”, everything is immediately available. The same applies to customer service departments, where a timely and professional resolution of problems is expected. When a customer support team switches between multiple customer support applications to figure out what they need from customer support, it can be difficult for the team to provide the customer with a consistent customer experience. With the Zoom Phone Power Pack you can put together complementary tools that simplify your customer service processes ok to bridge this gap between you and your customers.

whaIt’s Zoom phone power pack?

The Zoom Phone Power Pack is an add-on feature for Zoom Phone subscribers that provides a set of tools that can be used by admins and agents to improve service by offering a range of advanced features to help them work more efficiently and to work more effectively provide better service to their customers. The Power Pack is designed to support high-volume users and give them the insights they need into performance metrics. It’s the missing link that improves customer experience and improves customer satisfaction.

You get the following features with zoom Phone Power Pack:

  1. Real-time and historical analysis of call queues for improved customer service

  2. An easy-to-use desktop application for handling large volumes of calls with a streamline user experience

  3. Texting skills for the team texting system that Allow automated Receptionists and call queues who can be contacted by SMS/MMS

Below are some of the benefits that modern businesses can reap from these features.

Enjoyes surehe insight into the call queue analysis

What could you do if you had more accurate and up-to-date data? The Zoom Phone Power Pack provides its customers with access to real-time Call Queue (CQ) analytics and historical insights through a simple and easy-to-use dashboard to help them manage their activities. To better understand how our call queuing system features are used by agents during their interactions with sales, support and customer service teams, manager and members can now access data through our call queue system for a deeper understanding of how they are doing needed through their agents. Admins can use a web-based wallboard to view data from their system in a way that makes it easy for them to customize reports, monitor KPIs, and share information with other team members to facilitate collaboration.

Analytical dashboards are displayed important Metrics like these:

  • service level

  • Average call handling time

  • Sam Downloads
  • counts of Number of calls made

  • How long does it usually take for a customer to wait?

  • Statistical Information about the queues

  • This is just the beginning of what we can offer you!

Admins can also drill deeper into specific sites and call queues in the summary Ideas. Or you can go to Settings or Analyze aggregated data from all queues in detail settings. This report provides insight into the above metrics and allows you to sort the data by historical periods (weeks, months, etc.) or call times, and you can customize it to reflect the stats you’re looking for and working for you organization or department are relevant. Administrators and members of call queues have the ability to generate historical reports for up to a year over a two-year period.

Have you ever wondered what your members’ availability looks like? An administrator of a queue has access to real-time analytics, allowing them to view the status of member availability. It is important so you know what time it is, whether you are logging in or out, and the status of your call at that time.

Enjoy a more productive and efficient desktop experience

To streamline your teams’ call handling, our Power Pack Desktop experience gives them a comprehensive contact window to help them manage high call volumes. For users like receptionists, executive assistants and helpdesk workers, Power Pack is designed to transfer calls More quickly, Gain a better understanding of the context of incoming calls and seamlessly manage multiple tasks.

Integrated into the Zoom Phone Power Pack desktop experience is an awareness panel that includes features such as:

  • Reachable quickly (remains docked if not in use to be ready for use in case of need).

  • Designed with the intention of providing information about the incoming caller the user

  • An easy way to customize your application with call queues, group call pickup, shared line appearances, and shared lines channels . You can add contacts, create contacts groups (widget)

  • This software allows you to perform inline searches and broadcasts without having to launch the Zoom desktop client

  • A Zoom desktop client connected to this application uses an enhanced contacts window to show real-time user presence and give other users quick access to call, meet, or chat with you.

Administrators can enable Power Pack without having to install it separately, and it’s available for macOS and Windows users. As an added bonus, users can access the awareness panel from any application (e.g. CRM, scheduling or project management programs) without having to switch back and forth between them.

It is important for agents to stay productive while having insight and visibility into inbound traffic calls ok to do their jobs more efficiently, respond faster to customer requests, and improve the customer experience.

Give your customers the means of communication they prefer

Power Pack Team SMS allows customers to interact with the customer support team on their own terms using auto-reception or automated call queues via SMS/MMS. This allows callers to contact support on their own terms. allow so that they can communicate more efficiently with customer support. Instead of waiting in long queues for calls to be answered or interacting with automated services, callers can ask general questions about products and services services or Let yourself be connected directly to the responsible agent via SMS.

The admin can choose which members of the team will reply to SMS requests from customers which increases efficiency. The SMS conversation will be released from the queue after five minutes if no further action is taken during that time Time, so other agents can respond. Administrators and team members can also view the history of the conversations and receive SMS analyzes for further analysis within the SMS function. Team SMS is currently only supported in the US and Canada, and there is currently only a 10 team member limit.

Improve your customer support

It is your responsibility to provide them preferably possible service for your customers. With the Zoom Phone Power Pack, you can provide your customers with faster, more accurate customer service by giving them more efficient call handling and deeper insightsfly in their behavior and ability to communicate with them wherever they are.


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