Engage, empower, and entertain with meeting and webinar polls

You can build strong relationships with your audience by asking them a few simple questions, and Zoom Polls makes it easy for you! Regardless of what type of poll you want to use for your webinar or meeting, whether you want to use a poll as an icebreaker, gauge attendee sentiment, conduct a classroom quiz, or reserve a specific amount of time for attendees to give at the end of the meeting Feedback or check-ins, surveys will surely increase engagement.

I want to share with you how you can benefit from using polls in your meetings webinars too Make them more valuable and engaging for you and your attendees.

All about meeting and webinar polls

A Zoom poll can be conducted in two ways: a basic poll and an advanced poll.

As part of our basic plan, we offer hosts the ability to create a multi-choice poll, a single question, or a combination of questions with a maximum of 50 polls and 10 questions per poll.

In addition to additional question formats, the expanded survey offers the option of answering up to 50 questions within a single poll. It is possible to better understand the differences between the two query options by referring to the table below.

Featured SurveysBasic SurveysAdvanced SurveysQuestion Types and Answer TypesSingle Choice Surveys
It is possible to make more than one selection
Choose from a variety of options
Compare and contrast
I have ordered them according to their importance
Here is a short answer to your question
There are two types of polls: short and long. You can upload an image as one of the answer options X You can choose between 50 polls and 50 polls X You can select a maximum of ten questions for each poll X You can ask a question that requires an answer X You can share results with participants X✓

There is a wide range of useful features that provide advanced surveys for a variety of industries and use cases. An educator conducting exams or onboarding trainers presenting knowledge checks throughout training can benefit from the ability to mark questions as optional and manage quizzes with advanced Opinion poll by marking questions as optional and assigning quizzes with advanced surveys.

Additionally, Zoom also simplifies the process of managing and organizing polls by offering polls libraries that Provide teachers with a central place to store the comments they receive from their polls during meetings. If you enable advanced query, you can use query libraries.

pro tip: The account administrator must Activate base and advanced polls to use them. If you want to start polling your audience for meetings and webinars, we recommend reading our support articles on how to do that.

Extend the power of polling during and after a session

As a meeting and webinar host, poll reports can be a valuable source of information not only during but also after the meeting or webinar. To better understand your audience and tailor your meeting or webinar content accordingly, consider using poll results during your meeting or webinar.

You can also download the poll results after your meeting or Webinar ordered a win better to understand what exactly people had to say and how they reacted to it. When it comes to grading things like classroom quizzes, the program even allows you to view everyone’s answers participant who gives you a better idea of ​​what questions were asked and how they were answered.

snapshot: There is a scenario where you want to host a webinar for healthcare professionals but you don’t know what type of healthcare professionals will be present at the webinar because you can’t identify yourself to the This webinar aims to do that. Your audience is surveyed and you find out that 33% of them are hospital administrators. This is really interesting information. To ensure your conference attendees have a valuable and enjoyable experience, use this information before planning your conference conference with it you can avoid the content that are not relevant to the doctors and nurses and focus on the topics that are relevant to the administrators.

Expand your live polling tools with Zoom Apps

It’s also possible to enhance your webinars and meetings with Zoom Apps by adding more polling options to them. Using survey apps like Survey Monkey and Polly for meetings, and Pigeonhole Live and Mentimeter for webinars, you can use prefilled and pre-packaged questions, word clouds, and other features to drive spontaneous and focused team building and engagement sessions.

Get polls for your meetings and webinars today

Learn more about which Zoom plans offer polling on the Zoom pricing page, and take a course on polling in the Zoom Learning Center to make your meetings and webinars more engaging and productive.

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