Enhance your meeting room experience with new layouts for Zoom Rooms

Putting together your conference room meetings is a dynamic task, and Zoom understands that your work and your meetings are one and the same. As part of the modern meeting experience, content is shared, reactions given, chats conducted, questions asked – and much more. Even though you are a multitasking expert, it can be very difficult to keep track of all the elements involved.

Our Zoom Rooms Enhanced Views feature not only allows you and your room partners to more easily view shared content and talk to each other during the meeting, but also see who is in the meeting in more detail and get a more engaging view of everyone in the Meeting participants.

Transform your conference room experience with chat panel enhancements

Your presentation will no longer be interrupted by chat notifications distracting you from what you’re saying! With the new Zoom Rooms chat panel enhancement feature, users can have a persistent chat window for both gallery and active speaker views, as well as thumbnail view available on all of our current screen layouts. In this persistent chat window, members of your audience can converse while they share their screens or the speaker is presenting in the main window.

The purpose is to create a simple, intuitive view of everyone in the room, the meeting chat window in the meeting, and the active speaker and content being shared in the meeting.

The chat panel improvement offers you a Great Ability to collaborate with your meeting attendees, whether you’re in a brainstorming session, a sales presentation, or your weekly check-in with your team.

There are a number of ways you can use the Chat Panel Enhancement in your daily meetings, and here are some examples of how you can do it:

  • Collect feedback without interruptions: In addition to your shared content or presentation, you can view in-meeting chat alongside your shared content or presentation using the handy view, which is an easy way to collect feedback and questions from your attendees.

  • Connect with your participants: By being able to see your meeting participants in the filmstrip view at the bottom of the screen, you can better gauge their reactions and body language as you answer and deliver questions important information while they are in the room.

  • Create a more equitable hybrid experience: By ensuring that both participants in the conference room and remote participants have a clear sense of each other’s presence, you can ensure they are on the same level when content is shared or someone else is speaking.

See people at eye level with improved thumbnails

We are releasing a new improvement for both our chat panel and thumbnails along with our improvement to chat Blackboard!

There was a time when Zoom Room users with multiple screens had to choose between speaker view and gallery view resulting in limiting their ability to simultaneously see meeting participants when viewing audio or video files shared by the active speaker.

The Zoom Rooms Thumbnail improvements allow Zoom Rooms customers to use the Thumbnail in a Zoom Room with multiple screens, allow to display the same thumbnail at the same time. In this view, participants in Zoom Rooms can observe every aspect of the meeting, off the content shared during the meeting to the presenter who is actively participating in the meeting and other meeting participants at the same time. They can also show the persistent chat window by continuing reactions. In Zoom Rooms, users can choose whether to display the participant’s thumbnail row At at the top or bottom of the screen.

How to enable Zoom Rooms advanced views

Zoom Rooms customers now have access to the new View modes at no additional cost to them. To activate them, you need to make sure you have the latest version of Zoom Rooms installed on your computer. You can review and update all installed versions of Zoom Rooms from the Zoom Rooms admin interface.

Learn more about Zoom Rooms advanced views

For more information on how Zoom Rooms Views have the potential to revolutionize your organization’s meeting room experience, visit the Zoom Rooms website.

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