Export Zoom event reports

Registration management, ticket sales, registration management, hub followers, and poll/survey responses are useful data that can be collected using Zoom Events reports. Various metrics and reports of information can be generated by hosts using reports. It is possible to export these reports in CSV format for further analysis.

This article covers:

  • How to export registry management reports
    • Export a list of registrants
    • Export registrant order information
  • How to export Analytics reports
    • Export event performance summary reports
    • Export survey reports
  • How to export hub followers reports

Prerequisites for exporting Zoom event reports

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.7.6 or higher
    • Mac OS: 5.7.6 or higher
  • Mobile Zoom client
    • iOS: 5.7.6 or later
    • Android: 5.7.6 or higher
  • Pro, Business, Enterprise or Education account
  • Zoom Events License


  • Although version 5.7.6 supports Zoom Events, hosts may experience an empty lobby experience due to a dependency with the Windows Webview package.
  • It is highly recommended that hosts update their Zoom desktop client/mobile application to the latest version to take advantage of the latest Zoom events and webinar features.

How to export registry management reports

Export a list of registrants

Each Zoom event can be exported as a CSV file by the host.

Learn more about exporting a list of registrants in the support article.

Export registrant order information

Note: Only conference events are eligible for this.

It is possible to export registrants’ order information via Zoom Events’ registration management.

For more information on exporting registered orders, see the help article.

How to export Analytics reports

As part of the event creation flow, you will find a section called Analytics (Host Analytics Dashboard) where you will find reports on the performance of your event.

Export event performance summary reports

All summary reports

A summary report includes metrics pulled from the event detail page, event lobby, event sessions, event expo, event sponsors, and the event source tracker for the event.

It is possible to download various Host Analytics Dashboard reports related to your event by using the Host Analytics Dashboard CSV download feature. A ZIP file containing all individual Host Analytics Dashboard reports can also be downloaded as a ZIP file that will be downloaded as a single ZIP file that you can use to download all summary reports.

The support article may provide additional information on how to download various event reports as CSV files or ZIP files that contain a full report if you would like more information on how to do this.

Registrant Metrics

Additionally, you can download registrant metrics using the CSV download feature:

  • chat transcript
  • registration report
  • Event participation details
  • Expo participation by sponsor

For more information, see the documentation on how to download various registrant reports in a CSV file.

Registration & Ticketing

The Registration and Ticketing tab contains metrics related to ticketing and registration.

You can download one or more reports using the Download CSV button at the bottom of the page.

  • Event Details Page: These metrics are collected on the Event Details page.
  • Event Source Tracking: The event source tracking metrics are included here.


This tab allows you to view all event metrics.

Under the session information, select which reports you want to download:

  • Event Sessions: Metrics from all event sessions are included.
  • Session Attendance: You can download an attendance report for a specific session by checking the box in the pop-up window. Your selected session is the only one included in this report.


You can find your event and session attendance metrics on the Attendees tab. Lobby traffic analytics are also included.

You can download one or more reports by clicking Download CSV at the bottom of the page.

  • Event Lobby: The event lobby metrics are included in this report.
  • Event Attendance Details: You can download the same report from the Summary tab.

Industrial fair

The Expo tab contains all the metrics and analytics related to the show.

You can download one or more reports at the bottom of the page by clicking Download CSV.

  • Event Expo: Event Expo metrics are included here.
  • Expo Participation by Sponsor: Registrant details and attendance (or absence) records are provided for the sponsored booths of an Expo.


Views and chat messages received by sponsors of each event can be tracked.

You can download a CSV file containing all event sponsor metrics by clicking Download CSV under the sponsor information.

Export survey reports

You can find your event’s poll results on the Polls and Polls tab.

You can export the data by clicking the Export button next to the number of surveys. A CSV file of your survey reports will download.

For more information on exporting survey reports, see the support article.

How to export hub followers reports

Here’s how to export a followers report for your hub.

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frequently asked Questions

Select Usage in the Reports section of the Zoom portal. You can search past meetings by selecting the date range and clicking Search. Select the number of participants in the meeting you are looking for. You can use the Export button to create a CSV file from the list.

A Zoom event host can download a list of attendees and export it as a CSV file for reference by downloading and converting it to a chart file. You can register for the event on the registration page. The information you are looking for can be found on the registration page under the Registration tab. You can download a CSV file by clicking the “Export” button in the top right corner of the window.

Click the Share results button if you wish to share the results of the meeting with other meeting participants. After the session, a report with the survey results will be available to you. A non-anonymous survey lists each participant’s name and email address if registration was enabled and the survey was non-anonymous.

Click the Generate CSV Report button after selecting the webinar you want to generate. You will be automatically notified when the report is downloaded and you can then access it with any app that can read the CSV format, such as B. Excel, Notepad or any other app with the ability to open CSV files.

In the meeting controls, click the Polls button. Start the program. The meeting participants now receive questionnaires. Live scores are provided to the host.

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