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You can get all the features of Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone in one sleek, easy-to-use desk phone using the Zoom Phone Appliance, which is built into Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone. In addition to being able to join/start/control Zoom Meetings from their Zoom Phone Appliance, users can also search for contacts, make and receive calls, transfer calls, schedule meeting invites, access multiple lines, and access voicemail such as a Zoom Phone -Escalate the call to a Zoom meeting.

As with Zoom Phone HaaS, you can purchase and deploy all the features you need to run your own corporate phone system. For a quick overview of our services, please take a look at our data sheet.

If you are a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS admin and want to assign Zoom Phone Appliance devices to users, follow this guide. If you are interested in learning more about Zoom Phone HaaS devices and appliances, please read our getting started guides.

Prerequisites for setting up a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS device

  • Ownership or administrative rights of the account
  • A license for Zoom Phone is required
  • A Zoom Phone Appliance purchased through the HaaS service is supported
  • It is recommended that phone users or common area phone users with Zoom Phone licenses use the Zoom Phone service

Note: For shared office phone configurations of the Zoom Phone Appliance, you must contact Zoom for assistance.

How to set up a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS device

For management of applications and platform operating system upgrades, Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS devices can be assigned by administrators and registered with Zoom Device Management (ZDM).

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. The device list can be accessed by clicking the Device Management link in the navigation menu.
  3. You can select Zoom Phone Appliance from the drop-down menu under Zoom device types.
    Note: It is automatically provisioned to the Zoom Phone HaaS account after the user purchases a Zoom Phone HaaS device. You can see it in the device list as an unassigned device.
  4. The ellipse icon (…) will appear next to the device you want to assign, and from here you can choose to assign the device to a user or to the shared office (common area).
    Note: It has been reported that shared offices have been migrated to the new “Common Space” tab on the Users & Rooms page if you signed up for a new Zoom account after May 21, 2022; or when the new common area experience has been enabled for your account. The next step for this step is to assign it to the common area by clicking Assign to common area.
  5. Click the Assign button once you find the common area user or phone you want to assign to.
    The device is automatically enrolled under this phone user’s account or the public area user’s account.
  6. Alternatively, you can rename the device by clicking the ellipsis (…) next to the device and then clicking Rename in the bottom right.
  7. Click Rename and enter the name you want to use.

Once you register with the Zoom Phone Appliance, you will have the option to change device management settings, e.g. B. Force an upgrade to the application and platform operating system.

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frequently asked Questions

What is Zoom Hardware as a Service?

By allowing subscribers to subscribe to our HaaS program, they can access Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms hardware solutions. Through this service, organizations can provide their employees with leading-edge conference room and corporate phone technology for a fixed monthly fee rate and Scale the solution to meet organizational needs.

Does Zoom have hardware?

Video communication technology is more accessible than ever. Offer your customers a first-class communication experience through Zoom Hardware as a Service.

Is Zoom hardware or software?

Zoom Meetings, a proprietary video calling software program developed by Zoom Video Communications, is commonly referred to as Zoom. Free plans allow up to 100 simultaneous participants and a time limit of 40 minutes. Subscribing to a paid plan allows users to upgrade.

What is the Zoom Phone Power Pack?

With the Zoom Phone Power Pack, Zoom Phone users with constant call volume benefit from improved call queue analysis and optimized call handling. To set up features like a call queue or auto receptionist, you can use these support articles.

How do I set up Zoom for the common area phone?

Public space desk phones: how to install them

  1. Visit the Zoom website and log in.

  2. Then click Users & Rooms in the navigation menu.

  3. Select the common area phones tab. …

  4. Please enter the following information in the Add field: …

  5. Save the file.

  6. Make sure the deployment process is complete.

Can you use Zoom on your phone without the app?

You must use the Zoom website to sign up and sign in to the Zoom service if you do not wish to use the Zoom app. If you click the Host a Meeting or Join a Meeting tab at the top of the Zoom website home page, you should be able to host or join meetings.

What methods can you use to set up new users on the Zoom phone?

If you want to assign a Zoom Phone license to another member of your team, you can also create a new Zoom user.

  1. You can access the Zoom web portal by logging in.

  2. Click on User Management and then on Users in the navigation menu.

  3. Then click the Add User button.

  4. To add a user, you must enter the required information.

  5. Make sure Zoom Phone is selected under Feature.

  6. If you want to create a user who has access to Zoom Phone, click Add to create that user.

Does Zoom phones have Auto Companion?

An automatic main receptionist answers all calls sent to the main company number to provide a professional service. If you have more than one site, Zoom Phone will automatically create one primarily automatic receptionist for each of the locations if you have more than one.

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