Get started with Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service

Zoom Phone HaaS (Hardware as a Service) helps you take your business to the next level by delivering a premium communications experience. The monthly fixed price for scalability is affordable and you can upgrade the hardware at any time.

This guide shows you how to assign HaaS devices to users if you are an admin who purchased the devices. This guide also allows users to access and learn more about HaaS devices. Get started with Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS if you have one.

This article contains:

  • Devices
  • How to assign a device to a phone user (administrator).
  • How to log in to a device’s web interface (Admin)
  • How to Activate a Device (Phone Users)
  • General Instructions
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • How to return or replace a device



HaaS Zoom Phone devices include the following. View documentation and learn more about each product by clicking on the links below:


  • C60
  • CCX600 with camera
  • CCX700
  • EM50
  • Edge B20
  • D230
  • VVX150
  • VVX250
  • VVX350
  • VVX450
  • Trio 8500
  • WiFi adapter


  • CP960
  • CP965
  • CPW90
  • EXP43
  • EXP50
  • T33G
  • T46U
  • T53W
  • T54W
  • T58A
  • T58W
  • W56H
  • W76P
  • W60P
  • VP59

Zoom Phone appliance


How to assign a device to a phone user (administrator).

A Zoom Phone HAS device is automatically provisioned to you after purchase. In the web portal, it shows up as an unassigned device.

Assigning a device to a phone user can be done in three ways:

  • One device can be assigned to a phone user at a time
  • Multiple devices can be assigned to a single phone user through batch processing
  • Provide instructions for logging into a phone


  • There will also be a default name for display on HaaS devices, which is Desk Phone.
  • To help users identify HaaS devices, HaaS devices display names are followed by a label that reads (HAAS).
  • You can only assign devices to the location they were shipped to if you have multiple locations.
  • There is a possibility that the device will be moved to another location if the phone user belongs to a different location than the original location.
  • HaaS devices cannot be manually removed from Zoom’s web portal when using a HaaS plan.

How to log in to a device’s web interface (Admin)


The admin password of the Zoom web portal should be entered as the user name in advance.


You can login as a user with your admin password on the Poly D230 and Edge B20 using the following URLs.


The Zoom admin password can be found on the Zoom web portal if the username is advanced.

How to Activate a Device (Phone Users)

To assign a Zoom Phone HAS device to yourself, you can activate it. A voicemail PIN and extension number are required.


  • If you received a welcome email from Zoom Phone, or are an existing Zoom Phone user, you should be able to find your extension number and voicemail PIN in your Zoom Phone Settings (PIN Code). If you don’t receive this information, you can contact your Zoom Phone administrator or ask them to resend the welcome email to you.
  • A random number is used to generate the default voicemail PIN. The first thing you should do after activating the device is to change the voicemail PIN.
  • Zoom Phone will play an audio prompt to inform you that the device will be unpaired when you attempt to log in to a paired device. The device must be resynced and unassigned from the previous user before you can assign it to yourself after it has been resynced and unassigned.
  1. You can use the Ethernet cable that came with the desk phone to connect it to an Ethernet connection. The power adapter must be plugged in if you are not using Power over Ethernet (PoE) on your network.
    As soon as your phone is switched on, the latest firmware will be downloaded automatically.
  2. The home screen will appear once your phone has booted up and the home screen has been displayed.
  3. You can sign in using the following methods:
    • On the phone’s home screen, press Sign in.
    • You can call *90 by dialing *90. The DTMF code is explained in more detail here.
  4. Your extension number and voicemail PIN should be entered after the audio prompts.
  5. You can change your voicemail PIN in your Zoom Phone settings. In the PIN code section, look for the setting.

General Instructions

Here are some resources to help you get to know your new device:

  • Data sheet for general information


  • Quick start guide for the VVX series
  • Poly Support Center
  • There is a lot of documentation available for Poly phones


  • A quick guide for Yealink T4 and T5 series phones
  • Yealink Products Support Center
  • Phone documentation provided by Yealink

Alternatively, you can visit the product page for your device for more information.

Troubleshooting Guides

The following resources can help if you’re having trouble with your device. You need administrator access to the device to perform some troubleshooting steps.

Note: The HaaS support team can help you if you continue to have device issues.

How to return or replace a device

We’re here to help if you have any questions about your rental, or if you want to return or exchange it if something is wrong.

Read it too –

frequently asked Questions

How do I set up my Zoom phone?

Zoom Phone – How to set it up and use it

  1. Visit the Zoom web portal and sign in with your Zoom account information.

  2. From the navigation menu, click the Phone System Management option.

  3. The setup can be found by clicking the Setup button.

  4. To start the setup process, click the Start setup button.

  5. The main company number is recommended if this is required for you choose It. …

  6. Your company’s emergency address assignment form must be completed and the agreement reviewed prior to submitting the procedure information.

  7. Please click the Done button to complete the process.

What is Zoom Hardware as a Service?

HaaS is a subscription-based service that offers hardware solutions for Zoom Phones and Zoom Rooms for a monthly payment. It offers monthly access to hardware solutions from Zoom Phones and Zoom Rooms. Through this service, companies can provide their employees with the latest technology in conference rooms and companies phones as well scale these solutions for a fixed monthly fee and make these services available to their employees as a service.

How do Zoom phones work?

As part of your Zoom Phone plan, you can assign a direct phone number to Zoom Rooms. Zoom Phone gives you the ability to quickly turn your call into a Zoom meeting or merge two calls into one simultaneously if you use Zoom Phone. With the Zoom Phone, you can also switch between two simultaneous, separate calls or meetings at any time, at your convenience.

Can you use Zoom on your phone without the app?

You must create a Zoom account on the Zoom website if you don’t want to use the app. Once you have completed this process, you can register and log in with your Zoom account. On the Zoom website, you must either click the Host a Meeting or Join a Meeting button at the top of the page book page if you want to host or attend a meeting. The Host a Meeting button is at the top of the Zoom website page.

Can zoom phone seand text messages?

Zoom Phone’s SMS feature allows you to send and receive text messages (SMS) through your Zoom desktop client from Your Zoom mobile app, if you have one, and your Zoom mobile app, if you have one. SMS can also be used in combination with a call queue or an automated receptionist if you prefer.

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