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The Zoom Device Management (ZDM) tool is a device management tool that provides additional remote capabilities on Zoom Room devices through the same Zoom web portal originally used for Zoom Room hardware management only with Zoom Device Management (ZDM). Zoom Device Manager allows you to easily and intuitively manage Zoom Rooms, devices, and Zoom Clients without having to physically access each device or be a device management expert.

It is a standard MDM enrollment process used with Apple and Windows ZR devices. When using Zoom clients, it is necessary to register a group of people. There is no pre-registration or registration process required to use the ZR appliances. There is out-of-the-box ZDM support for these devices. It is based on the same MDM technology used for ZR Apple and Windows devices. Unlike traditional MDM tools, ZDM doesn’t require you to configure groups, policies, or profiles to use it.

The Zoom Rooms Device Manager (ZDM) is an easy-to-use device that also offers remote Zoom Room capabilities, as well as the ability to centrally manage devices and rooms from the Zoom web portal. The Zoom Rooms app will automatically download and launch once you sign up for the service, if required. Once you have finished upgrading your devices, you can update them at any time directly from Zoom’s web portal. It is possible to update both the ZR apps and the device firmware using ZDM. You can choose the patches you want installed for Windows. With ASAM mode on your iPads, you can set your iPads to run only one app autonomously. Aside from being able to assign a Zoom Room to each of your devices before shipping, once installed, your devices are automatically signed in and ready to meet whenever you need them. Check out the articles below for all the information you need to get started and a full list of features.

Note: Before using ZDM to update all devices on your network, we recommend that you test patches for operating systems.

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Once you have logged into the Zoom web portal, you can access all the features of the system. Click the Device Management option on the menu bar, and then click the Enrollment option. You can view the list of Apple, Windows, and Appliance devices you’ve enrolled to date here to see a list of all devices you’ve enrolled in the past. Besides enrolling Apple and Windows devices through this window, users can also use this window to purchase Apple products.

Through the use of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) application used by system administrators, Zoom mobile apps can be configured remotely on iOS devices managed through the Zoom mobile app. For example, administrators have the ability to enforce a specific set of settings by requiring use of a specific set of settings, or simply by disabling them altogether.

Setting up Zoom Rooms is as easy as setting up an email address

  1. A TV, camera, and computer or Mac should be mounted on the wall.
  2. Connect the network, cable TV, camera and audio components together so that all components work together.
  3. The computer or Mac should be powered on, as should the controller, and the network should be connected.
  4. If the problem persists, the TV, camera, and audio components may require a firmware upgrade.

It’s possible to log into Zoom from up to three devices at the same time: a computer, a tablet, and a phone. If you sign in to another device while signed in to another device of the same type you’re signed in to, the first device will be automatically signed out when you sign in to another device of the same type.

To access Zoom’s web portal, you must log into your account. You will find the Device Management section on the left side of the page, followed by the Device List section on the right. The device tab will appear once you click on it. When you find the device you’re looking for, click on its name.

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