Getting Started with Zoom Phone (Admin)

It provides account owners and admins with a quick step-by-step guide to help them set up Zoom Phone, which includes multi-location, phone user, direct phone number, and automated receptionist capabilities.


  • If you port your existing numbers to Zoom Phone, you can use them in Zoom Phone.
  • Mobile clients and desktop clients are all supported by Zoom for secure voice calls. Zoom Phone encryption is explained in more detail here.

Requirements for getting started with Zoom Phone as an admin

  • Account type: Pro, Business or Enterprise
  • Access rights for account owners, administrators or Zoom Phone users
  • License for Zoom Phone

initial setup

After activating your Zoom Phone license, follow the steps below. There is no limit to what can be changed during the initial setup. The following steps can only be performed by account holders.


  • You, the account owner, will receive a Zoom Phone provisioning email. The email includes a link for initial setup if you prefer.
  • If you need help and have fewer than 151 Zoom Phone licenses, you can schedule a session with a Zoom Phone Enablement Specialist.
  1. You can access the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. To begin the setup process, click Phone System Management and then click Start Setup.
  3. This is your main number for the Zoom Phone service and will appear on your business cards and website.
    • From the drop down menu please select the country, state and area code you would like to dial.
    • It is important to enter the account holder’s extension number (your personal account) to continue the process.
      • The extension value entered here will be used as the starting point for all subsequent extensions for this user.
      • Extension numbers are limited to six digits. It is possible for extensions to be 2 to 5 digits long and site codes to be 1 to 3 digits long if you set up multiple sites and enable site codes. Zoom can provide you with extension numbers of up to 15 digits if required.
      • After the initial setup of the company, it is possible to change the main company number.
      • You (the account holder) are the default operator when this number is assigned to an automated receptionist and you (the account holder) are the operator.
  4. Then click the button.
  5. First responders will use this address when calling an emergency number (such as 9-1-1).
  6. Based on your address, a SIP zone is selected to improve call quality. SIP zones are selected based on each site’s address when you later set up multiple sites.
  7. Then click Done.
  8. You can return to the Welcome to Zoom Phone page by clicking Cancel.

In the left pane of the web portal, Zoom Phone options appear under Phone System Management.

Set up Zoom Phone by following the sections below.

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Essential facility

The first step in using Zoom Phone is to complete the setup process, purchase extensions, and provision desk phones for users who need them after you complete the initial setup.

port phone numbers

Using Zoom Phone with your existing phone numbers is very simple. You just need to port the number to Zoom Phone to use it. You can port your number from your previous provider to your Zoom Phone account once Zoom has partnered with the previous provider. The ported phone numbers can now be assigned to the users once the porting is complete.

Added phone user

In the Zoom account, you can assign licenses for Zoom Phones as well as Calling Plans for users. Once a user is assigned a Zoom Phone license, they are assigned an extension number. When users are added to Zoom Phone, they also receive an email notifying them of the addition.

Purchase and assignment of telephone numbers

The direct call numbers can be acquired and assigned to the users after the telephone users have been created. If a user has been assigned an extension number, he or she can continue to use the extension number associated with the extension number. The main company number can also be changed if you take over a phone number from another service or provider.

Provision of phones and devices

The Zoom desktop client or mobile app can be used by all Zoom Phone users to make and receive calls. Devices can be provisioned and assigned as needed for users who require desk phones. There are a number of devices supported by Zoom Phone.

Change account-level settings

If you’ve already configured your Zoom Phone account at the account level, you can change settings like email notifications, audio while connected, and default business hours once your users have been set up and their numbers set up. Depending on your preferences, you can also enable or disable certain Zoom Phone features by changing policy settings.

Customize the main automatic receptionist

During initial setup, a Zoom Phone auto attendant is created for the main number your business will use. A personalized recording is used to allow the main car receptionist to take your calls and then route the calls as required. You can begin the process by setting up your main acceptance service’s business hours and routing options as soon as possible.

Advanced setup

Organize your phone users and change how calls are handled after setting up your phone users, extension numbers, and desk phones.

Auto Receptionists and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Calls are answered by an automated receptionist who records a personalized message and routes it to a designated person or call queue. To route callers to your IVR system, you can set up an automated receptionist that not only allows callers to select a routing option, but also allows them to browse a directory of all users on your phone system.

Multiple Pages

It’s a good idea to create multiple sites to organize your phone users into groups based on their phones. For example, if you want to create different locations for different office locations or departments, you can do that. Each location can also be assigned its own unique code, allowing users to more easily identify extensions belonging to the same location and dial the extensions directly from their phones.

call queues

Incoming calls can be routed to specific users using call queues. If you have a billing department, sales department, or customer service department, you can route calls there.

emergency call

As part of the initial setup, you can change the default emergency address. The default address assigned to each location can be changed if you have multiple locations. If a user does not have a direct phone number or a calling plan, emergency calls can also be enabled.

Additional functions

Zoom Phone allows you to take advantage of these features.


A detailed record of all calls can be viewed as soon as phone users start making and receiving calls. Data can be filtered by date, type of call (incoming or outgoing), and location. Specific user logs can also be exported and viewed.

blocked list

Numbers can also be blocked for all or specific users within the account. Incoming blocked numbers cannot be called and outgoing blocked numbers cannot be called.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Phone licenses can be assigned to your Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms allows users to make and receive calls.

Call quality and usage reports

It is possible to view the overall quality of voice calls in the call quality dashboard and filter data related to a specific phone user to view the overall quality of voice calls. This usage report provides you with information about a specific call queue or user in terms of their phone usage.

Call delegation and shared line groups

There is a feature called call delegation that allows you to assign one person to make and receive calls on behalf of another person. The status of the shared lines is visible to both users at the same time.

There are shared line groups that can be shared by a group of phone users or users who share a phone in a common area with a phone number and extension.

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Frequently Asked Question

Please log in to the Zoom web portal as either the account owner or someone who has access to edit roles for the account. In the navigation menu, click the User Management tab, then the Roles tab, which is located under the User Management tab, and then the Save button. On the Phone tab you will find a number of options. Next to the role you want to assign members to, click the edit button to make changes.

What you need to know about setting up your Zoom Phone system

  1. You can access the Zoom web portal by logging into your Zoom account.
  2. The Phone System Management option can be found in the navigation menu.
  3. To begin the setup process, click the Setup button.
  4. Click the Start Setup button to begin the setup process.
  5. If a main company number is required, please select it. …
  6. You will need to check a box next to the Emergency Address Agreement and enter the details after completing the Specify Your Company’s Emergency Address form.
  7. Please click the Done button at the bottom of the page.

The Zoom Phone service may allow you to assign direct phone numbers to Zoom Rooms as part of the service, depending on which Zoom Phone plan you choose. You can easily turn your phone call into a Zoom meeting using Zoom Phone, or you can turn the call into a simultaneous Zoom meeting if you use Zoom Phone to make the call. In addition, you can switch between two different, simultaneous Zoom Phone meetings or calls at any time of the day or night as you wish.

Using Zoom Meetings is as easy as setting it up, learning it, and using it.

If you are the host, you can use your host button to start a meeting over the phone.

The company’s central car receptionist is responsible for answering all calls made to the main company number. The first thing I want to point out about Zoom Phone is the fact that when you have multiple locations, Zoom Phone automatically creates an automated receptionist for each location.

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