How to change your Zoom profile picture on your phone

Zoom is a platform for communication, negotiations and online business meetings. When speaking, we imagine a person what he is, if it is not possible to conduct conferences with video, in such cases your photo can be a good alternative.

In this article, we will show you how to change your Zoom profile picture on your phone in 5 quick steps.

How to put a photo from your phone in Zoom

To change or adjust an image in the Zoom app on your phone, the image or photo must be on the phone itself.

What needs to be done :

  • Open the application, go to settings in the lower right corner;
  • Click on your profile;
  • Then on “Profile Photo”;
  • Choose Take Photo or Choose Photo;

After uploading the image, click Finish.

To replace your profile photo with another, the action plan on mobile is the same as during installation.

How to delete a photo in Zoom

To remove a profile picture:

  • Go to;
  • Sign in, enter your email and password;
  • Go to your profile;
  • Next to the image, click Delete.

In the personal account of the site you can install and replace the picture. You cannot delete photos on your phone or PC program, you can only add or replace them.

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