How to enable accessible and secure communication with these Zoom for Government features

Maximize your efforts with Zoom for Government

As we embark on a new year full of resolutions and new beginnings, it’s important to not only focus on our goals, but also on the tools we need to achieve them. Whether it’s learning a new recipe, reading more books, or making our work more meaningful and effective, the right tools can make all the difference.

connection to voters

For government agencies, enabling access to public services is a critical task. Because of this, it is important to be equipped with the right tools to engage with the public and create an inclusive environment for engagement. The Zoom for Government (ZfG) platform offers several features that can help in this regard, including:

  • Sign Language Interpreter View: This feature, now available for all ZfG accounts, makes meetings and webinars with sign language interpreters more accessible.
  • Broadcast Voice to All Breakout Rooms: Account owners and admins can allow hosts to broadcast their microphone audio to all breakout rooms in a meeting, making group events or public forums more organized.
  • Show preferred pronouns: Admins can enable users to show their preferred pronouns in a contact card and display name in meetings and webinars.

strengthen security

In today’s world, government agencies need to be equipped with solutions that protect the exchange of sensitive information and meet compliance requirements. ZfG offers a number of existing security features, including IL4, FedRAMP Moderate, StateRAMP, and HIPAA authorization. We recently added several new features to improve security, including:

  • Default meeting templates: Account owners and admins can enable default templates, such as B. Large meetings, web-based IL4 meetings and seminars that come with a subset of settings at web, scheduler and client level.
  • Admin Controls for Webinar Registration: Owners and admins can enable or disable webinar registration at the account or group level to ensure the right attendees join a session.
  • Allowed Locations for Calls/SMS: Owners and administrators can define the locations where users can make and receive calls and send SMS, adding an extra layer of security to VoIP communications.
  • Custom Emergency Number: Owners and admins can define custom emergency numbers for their entire account or locations, and help route specific off-network extensions for traditional call handling.
  • 10DLC Compliance for SMS/MMS: Owners and admins can now self-service 10DLC compliance for US/Canada.

Improving daily workflows

Our latest releases are designed to help you work the way you want and tailor your communications to your needs. Some of the ways we enable this flexibility are:

  • Call log improvements: Users can filter their call log by line and view information quickly, improving communication documentation.
  • Marketplace Integrations: Integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Eloqua are now available for Zoom meetings, phone, and team chat, reducing disparate workflows.
  • Asset Library for Zoom Phone: Account owners and admins can manage their audio library, including greetings, music on hold, and more, in one place, streamline phone workflows, and personalize communications.

Secure collaboration for Mission Ahead

These are just some of the latest features offered by ZfG, many of which are also available in commercial Zoom. ZfG offers an intuitive and secure experience, similar to commercial Zoom, but specifically designed to meet US federal government requirements, with FedRAMP Moderate authorization and an Oper authorization

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