How to enable chroma key in Zoom

Chromakey is a background, usually green or blue, that replaces the back view in a photo or video. A vivid example is the moderators talking about the weather, and behind it is a video with the city and the upcoming weather.

How to set chroma key on zoom

To use chroma key in Zoom, you must be in front of the green device. It can be a special device or a large sheet of A0 paper or fabric. After equipping the chroma key, you need to set up the platform for the right image:

  • Go to Zoom Settings, go to Virtual Background;
  • Check the box next to the words “I have a green screen”.

Often this function is available by default, but it is still worth checking so that the image is transmitted in high quality.

Now, during the installation, during the conference, there will be a transmission with a smooth picture, without distortions. This is a great solution for weaker computers and laptops.

How to create a background without chroma key in Zoom

To create a background without chroma key in Zoom and not have to search for it, you can sit on the wall that is monochromatic. The program will select the color automatically, but if it’s wrong, you can edit it manually:

  • Go to the zoom settings;
  • Go to Virtual Background;
  • Click on a color.

In the window that opens, choose a new color.

This is how you can use the virtual background for zoom without chroma key. In the same place in the settings you can upload new images to not use the default ones. To do this, click on the “+” next to the suggested images.

We recommend choosing a high resolution, but pay attention to its weight, the image should not weigh more than 1.6 – 1.8 GB so as not to overload the computer process.

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