How to enable “Start Zoom” when I start Windows

If you use the Zoom desktop client frequently, you can turn on the “Start Zoom when I turn on my computer” setting if you wish. When this feature is selected, the Zoom Desktop Client will open and appear when you start your computer. As a result, every time your computer boots up, your computer will automatically launch the desktop client, making the startup process more convenient and accessible for you.

The “Start Zoom automatically when Windows starts” option, available when Zoom starts automatically when Windows starts, keeps the client minimized to the system tray and opens the Zoom desktop client in the background when Windows starts. In the future, this may come in handy as an option if you want to use the Zoom desktop client while doing other things.

Certain prerequisites are necessary for Zoom to start when Windows starts

  • Download the Zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.0.0 or higher

What you need to do to launch Zoom at Windows startup

To enable Windows to start with Start Zoom enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Zoom desktop client by logging in with your Zoom credentials.
  2. Then select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. Then click General.
  4. Then check the Start Zoom when Windows starts box and click OK.
  5. To enable Zoom to start unattended when Windows starts, please check the Start Zoom unattended box.

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