How to enable the Zoom App Notifier

Active apps notifications provide all meeting or webinar participants with a notification when a host or another participant uses an app such as video, audio, chat, or meeting files while a meeting or webinar is in progress. This greatly improves transparency about how the data you share in the meeting or webinar is being used. Some of these apps even give you the option to watch the meeting live and have it transcribed. The Active App Notifier lets account owners and attendees know what apps other attendees are using during meetings or webinars and what type of content they are accessing with those apps. In meetings and webinars, participants can share content at any time.

There may be a situation where a user uses a transcription app that receives a real-time audio feed to create transcripts of the meeting content. Mobile app users can see who is using the app, determine if audio is being accessed by the app, and learn more about the app and its developer by clicking on the app itself.


  • Zoom desktop client
    • For Windows: Version 5.7.3 or higher
    • For macOS: version 5.7.3 or later
    • For Linux: Version 5.7.3 or higher
  • Mobile Zoom app
    • For Android: Version 5.7.3 or higher
    • For iOS: Version 5.7.3 or later
  • Zoom web client
  • Zoom Rooms for conference rooms
    • For PC: Version 5.7.3 or higher
    • For macOS: version 5.7.3 or later

Using the Active Apps Notifier

Whenever a third-party app, service, or integration becomes active to access meeting or webinar content, the Active Apps Notifier appears in the upper-left corner of the meeting window, notifying you of information about that app, integration, or service.

  1. In the Active Apps Notifier, you can see a list of the third-party services that are currently accessing content during a meeting or webinar, along with the type of content the app has access to and which meeting attendees have approved them for personal use of the meeting or webinar.
  2. The corresponding marketplace page for each listed application can be opened by clicking on that application to learn more about it.

frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to use apps with Zoom meetings?

The Zoom App Marketplace allows you to download apps that give you access to additional features and tools for your meetings and webinars hosted on your Zoom account. The account owner and admins of multi-user Zoom accounts can control which apps other users can access by requiring pre-approval for each app before it is made available.

Do you know how the Active Apps Notifier works?

An Active Apps Notifier icon is displayed in the meeting window along with a tooltip informing which apps are accessing the meeting content such as video, audio, chat and/or meeting files. Typically, when users hover over an icon in a meeting or webinar, they see a list of the apps accessing the content, which also includes the type of content the app has access to and which users are using the app . Clicking on the names of the apps in the list gives users information about the apps and the developers behind them.

Active Apps Notifier represents the active applications that are likely to have been used in your meeting or webinar. It appears in the top left corner next to the encryption icon.

How to disable Active Apps Notifier?

In the Active Apps Notifier, you can see applications that are actively accessing content at any time during the meeting because they remain on the screen during the meeting. These Zoom Notices are provided for your convenience, to help you make decisions about how you use Zoom.

Can I see all active apps used by my account at once?

In fact, the Active Apps Notifier report allows account owners and admins to view and manage the apps that have accessed their users’ meeting content in the last 30 days. By analyzing and managing the apps that have accessed these users’ content over the past 30 days, account owners and admins can make informed decisions about whether to authorize the use of these tools in their meetings and webinars. As admins, how do we use this report so that we can learn more about each active app on its marketplace page and disable it if necessary?

How does data sharing between apps and account owners affect account owners and users?

There are a number of apps that require access to the meeting content in order to function properly. A meeting host can use a transcription app to record the meeting progress so colleagues who are unable to attend can receive copies of the recording. There are cases like this (and other similar ones) where a person (in this case the meeting host) decides to allow an app access to data (in this case audio content from the meeting) that the app needs to function.

An “account holder” is often used in reference to Active Apps Notifiers. What does that mean? And who is responsible for this?

The account owner is the person responsible for the account and has the most access and control over the account. This is most often the person setting up the Zoom account. Once the account is created, this role, which is basically an administrator role, can be assigned to another user. Users can host meetings or webinars themselves, manage account settings without hosting meetings, or both. You can find out who owns this account on the Account Profile page.

How will these apps use the information collected?

You can find a variety of client-side terms of service, privacy policies, and support information for each client-side service and third-party app. We encourage our users to carefully review the privacy and terms of use on the marketplace pages of the applications they are interested in, as Zoom does not control how hosts or apps can share content.

Can I choose whether or not to share my content with these apps?

These notices are published by Zoom to help you make informed decisions about how you use them. There are several ways to manage your meeting experience when a marketplace app has a meeting record and is accessed through the meeting content. You can mute your microphone or turn off the video, not send chats, or leave a meeting altogether.

If I use apps outside of Zoom during the meeting, such as a web browser, does the Active Apps Notifier notify my meeting attendees of my actions?

This annoyance only applies to apps that are part of your Zoom meeting within the Zoom platform and are available on the Zoom App Marketplace. In this case, they will only be informed when another meeting participant in the meeting accesses an app, e.g. B. to get access to video, audio or chat during the meeting. Active Apps Notifier does not notify meeting attendees of activities taking place on external platforms.

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