How to fix network connection failed 1006 in Zoom

Error code 1006 occurs when the internet connection is down or weak. If you’re using a cellular network, turn off the video and rejoin the meeting.

When using Wi-Fi, make sure the network isn’t overloaded with anything. If possible, stop all downloads, downloads and software updates for the duration of the conference. Then you have to restore it. If necessary, restart your router.

If you encounter an error installing Zoom 1006, try the download again when connected to a fixed internet connection. Make sure you have enough memory on your device, the program weighs only 11.3 MB.

1006 “Bug” states that the connection was closed abnormally, ie without sending a close frame when a status code is expected, the network connection failed.

When connecting to a conference, avoid using free public Wi-Fi if possible. With a large stream of new connected devices, data transfer can be very slow.

Make sure the router’s signal is strong enough so that the connection won’t drop due to the long distance.

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