How to rename a Zoom room with MDM

The Zoom portal allows you to easily rename your Zoom room if you have enrolled it in an MDM solution via the Zoom web portal after it has been enrolled in an MDM solution. If your Zoom Room is running Windows, you can also rename it from the device.

Requirements for renaming a Zoom room with MDM

  • There is a surveillance mode on the Zoom Room device
  • An MDM service is installed on Zoom Room devices.

How to rename a Zoom room with MDM

Renaming in the Zoom web portal

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in and clicking Room Management.
  2. Then under Zoom Rooms, click Devices.
  3. A device enrolled in MDM can be renamed by clicking the icon to the right of the device.
  4. Change the name of the device by typing it and then click Rename.

Rename on a Windows device

You must log in to your Windows Settings account with administrative access to rename the device. A device enrolled in an MDM service will appear on the Zoom Rooms page in the Zoom web portal if it has been assigned a new name by the MDM service.

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Rename attendees while in the waiting room

Click the Attendee button if you are the meeting host or co-host. You can view an attendee’s details by clicking (More) next to their name in the Waiting Room section. From the drop-down menu, click Rename. Click Change and enter a new name.

In addition to blocking notifications, locking screen sharing, muting entry, playing entry/exit bells, locking meetings, stopping video, removing, renaming, and starting attendees on hold, co-hosts can also use most host controls .

window | macOS | Linux

  1. The Zoom desktop client can be used to join a Zoom meeting.
  2. In the zoom-in meeting controls, click Participants.
  3. Select your name by hovering over it and then clicking on the ellipses.
  4. The Rename button appears. You will see a pop-up window.
  5. Enter your display name in the pop-up box.
  6. Then click Change.

You can find your recordings by navigating to the Recordings tab.You can rename a recording by selecting it.Click the pencil icon next to the recording title. The lecture can be renamed according to your wishes.

In the navigation pane, click Account Management, and then click Account Settings. To access the Meetings tab, click here. The switch must be activated in order for the participants to be able to rename themselves.In the pop-up window asking if you want participants to be able to rename themselves, click the Enable button.

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