How to rotate the camera in zoom

In order for the video to be displayed in widescreen or portrait mode during the conference, you need to correctly enable the necessary functions in the program.

In 4 steps we will show you how to flip the camera in Zoom on desktop and mobile. If you are using a tablet for conferencing or attending an online seminar, the settings given for mobile phones are sufficient.

On a laptop

On the computer, you can adjust the position of the picture by logging into the program settings or during a conference. Before you start an online session, you should make sure that the application settings for picture, audibility and sound are correct.

To collapse the application you need :

  1. Go to Settings, the icon is in the top right corner;
  2. Select “Video” on the left;
  3. The video from the device will be displayed, click “Rotate 90” in the corner;
  4. For full screen mode, select 16:9 widescreen below.

To correct the image from the conference, you must :

  • Click on the arrow next to the “camera” icon;
    Select “Video Settings”;
  • After that, a window will open, as in the previous paragraphs. Select Rotate 90, then 16:9 widescreen.
  • After the images have been transferred correctly, close the window, the changes will be saved automatically, but they will not take effect until you create a new conference or reconnect to the online account.

To flip the camera in zoom or mirror the image, you need to check the box next to the words “Show my video as a mirror” in the settings window.

In the same window, you can enhance your picture by turning on HD mode. More traffic is consumed with these options, but if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, this isn’t a problem, even if unlimited internet is available on a phone or tablet.

Selecting the Refresh My Look feature will smooth the tired look and add freshness. It looks like a feature in the phone “upgrade”.

On the phone

In the mobile application you cannot rotate the image, but you can choose which camera transmits the image, front or main camera. To do this, click on the “camera” icon in the left corner. To rotate the front camera in zoom, you need to turn on the video, and then you can switch the image.

Why is the camera upside down in Zoom?

When downloading the application on any device, the picture settings are automatically set to full screen. In the mobile application, the device is turned upside down, probably because the image was switched during the previous conference.

In order for your image to be displayed correctly during the conference, activate the necessary options as described in the first paragraph. When working from home, often you do not want to show the home environment, to avoid awkwardness, you can use the “Background” option for this, read the instructions here.

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