How to sign in to Zoom with a Google account

Step 1 :-

Do you want to sign in to Zoom with the Google account?

Follow these steps to sign in with your Zoom account Google account or Gmail ID.

log in with Googlevisit

Click Sign in with Google.

Step 2 :-

Sign in to Zoom with the Google account

If you already have Furnished Zoom app At your system and want sSign in or sign in to the Zoom app with Gmail or Google account Then follow these steps.

Click in the Zoom app (Zoom app will appear on your system as shown below)

Now click the Sign in with Google button.
You will be redirected to the Google login page.

Now enter your Gmail or Google account credentials

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Frequently asked Questions:-

If you use a Google, Apple, or Facebook account, you can use that account to sign in to Zoom. It’s important to note that the first time you log into Zoom using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account, you will be prompted to create a new Zoom account using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account create

It is possible to add an email and password login to an existing Zoom account associated with either Google, Apple or Facebook login using the same email address used with your Google – or Facebook account is linked
How to sign up for the Zoom for Gmail add-on
  1. You can click the Zoom for Gmail icon in the right pane when viewing an email thread in Gmail.
  2. If this is your first time using the add-on, you will need to authorize access.
  3. Zoom will ask you to authorize access to your Google account when you launch the add-on for the first time.
Visit the Zoom website and log in to your Zoom account. Then click on Account Management and then on Account Profile in the navigation menu. Next, under Link accounts to existing organizations, click Link accounts to existing organizations. Enter the organization owner’s email address in the pop-up window titled Link to Existing Organization, and then click Send Link Request.
You can join someone’s meeting if they invite you, and you don’t have to create an account to join. However, it should be noted that if the host has restricted meeting participation using authentication profiles, the attendee must have a Zoom account to connect to the meeting. To learn more about how to join a Zoom meeting without a Zoom account, click here

If you have a personal email address, it should work even though Zoom asks for a work email address

You can find the third-party account that you linked to your Google account through the Google app you signed into. Many different apps are available for Google Home, e.g. B. the Google Assistant app or the YouTube app. To select a connected account, linked account, or app, select from the drop-down box. It may be in the “Settings” section of the Google application.

How to find your Zoom password.

  1. You need to go to the Zoom website and sign up.
  2. Then you need to click on the Settings button.
  3. Under Meeting you will find the following item “Request password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI)” where you can enter your password. Your participants must know this password.


  1. Once you log in you will see that you are an admin who can access and edit your account settings.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Account Management, and then click Account Settings.
  3. The Meetings tab is displayed.
  4. The Bypass password when joining meetings from the meetings list toggle is located in the Schedule a meeting section and can be either enabled or disabled.

I recommend opening your Zoom application. Clicking on the profile icon will take you to your profile page. Here you can see your email address of the account you signed up with.

Zoom requires all meetings to be secured with a passcode or Waiting room Option to improve meeting security. In order for attendees to gain access to your meetings, they must be provided with a unique passcode along with the meeting ID unique to the meeting.

Make sure your Internet connection is working properly by restarting your modem, downloading the latest firmware updates for your router, and switching to a wired connection if your current configuration allows it. Also, make sure your firewall and antivirus settings aren’t blocking Zoom or specific Zoom features, and that none of them are blocking them.

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