How to start a Zoom meeting with Siri

The Zoom iOS app allows you to use Siri to perform certain operations. If you set Siris Shortcut in the Zoom app, you can ” Join the next scheduled meeting “, “View today’s meeting ” And ” Start a face-to-face meeting “. In addition, without setting a shortcut, Siri can also start the meeting via Zoom’s contact.

This article explains the following content:

  • Siri to Zoom how to add shortcut
  • Zooming in on Siri to perform an action


How to add a Zoom shortcut to Siri

  1. iOS on device Zoom Open the app Ideas and then tap.
  2. Tap the Siri shortcut.
  3. Select the shortcut you want to add [ Siri added to the ] and then tap.
  4. Tap the red record button to record the shortcut’s voice.
  5. Press Done to save the recorded sound.

How to perform a zoom action with Siri

  • Say “Hey Siri, call [Zoom contact name] with Zoom” to start a Zoom meeting with this contact.
  • You can say “Hey Siri” followed by the words you chose when setting up the other shortcuts to perform those actions.
  • You can also Give Siri instructions from:
    • Press and hold the home button on an iPhone 8 or earlier model to activate Siri.
    • Pressing and holding the power button on an iPhone 10 to activate Siri.
    • If you’re using an iPhone 11 or later, you’ll need to hold down the side button.

note : You don’t need to set up a shortcut to call Siri and Zoom contacts.

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Sample call to Siri

Start a voice call

“Call (name of contact) using Zoom”

“Call (a contact’s name) using Zoom”

Start a video call

“Video call with (contact name) via Zoom”

“Video call with (contact name) via Zoom”

Search call history

“Search (contact name)’s phone history using Zoom”

frequently asked Questions

Using Siri to zoom in and out

  1. The easiest way to activate Siri on your iPhone is to either press and hold the power button or say “Hey Siri” while holding it. In the iOS settings, you need to select Hey Siri as one of the options.
  2. With Siri, it is possible to ask Siri to perform the following actions: Join the next meeting. Today’s meeting schedule can be viewed here. I start a personal meeting with you.

The Meet & Chat tab gives you access to some of the meeting features that you can access by tapping:

  1. Start a new meeting by entering the meeting ID you want to use, or your PMI to start a new meeting by entering the PMI…
  2. Joining a meeting is a simple process that requires you to enter the meeting ID and join the meeting.
  3. The schedule allows you to schedule a meeting either once or on a regular basis.
  4. If you want to share your device’s screen with Zoom Room, you’ll need to enter a sharing key or meeting ID.

The Zoom room can be accessed from anywhere if you have the Zoom mobile app for iOS downloaded on your iOS device, which allows you to join a Zoom room anytime, anywhere. To create a Zoom Room, you will need both a personal account with Zoom and a Zoom Room account with Zoom.

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