How to sync Zoom presence with Outlook in Zoom

In addition to being able to sync your Outlook calendar and contacts with Zoom, you can also set Zoom to set the status of your Outlook calendar based on your current Zoom status, which in turn sets the status of your Outlook calendar . Once you enable Zoom, any changes you make to your Zoom status, as well as the picture you choose for your Zoom profile, will be reflected in Outlook.

Note: Because you can only sync with one app at a time in Outlook, syncing with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams isn’t allowed. So if you want to use Zoom in partnership with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to disable those applications before enabling them together.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • How to activate presence mapping
  • This is how status mapping works

Requirements for syncing Zoom presence with Outlook

  • It is recommended that you use Zoom desktop client version 5.2.0 (42619.0804) or later for Windows 10
  • The device has an Outlook application installed locally

How to activate presence mapping

  1. Sign in to your account using the Zoom desktop client.
  2. If you click on your profile picture you can access your settings.
  3. To access the General tab, click the General button.
  4. If you want to integrate Zoom with Outlook, check the box next to the option.

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This is how status mapping works

There is a table below that outlines the Zoom status options and the corresponding Outlook status for each option to sync with Zoom.

Zoom status zoom icon Outlook status Outlook icon
Accessible Accessible
In a Zoom meeting Occupied
In a calendar event
On a call
Do not disturb Do not disturb
Away Away

frequently asked Questions

Sync your calendars with each other

Select Meetings from the menu. Select Synced Calendars from the menu. Click the toggle that says Zoom Meetings should be synced from calendars. If you want one of your calendars to sync to Zoom, just tap on it.

Add Office 365 calendar service to Zoom by Office 365 admin

Click Room Management in the navigation menu, and then click Calendar Integration in the submenu that appears. Then select the option you want. Under Calendar Integration you will find a button called Add Calendar Service that allows you to add a calendar service. You can select Office 365 from the list of calendar services in the Select a calendar service window. It is possible to authorize with either EWS or OAuth 2.0 based on your settings.

To join a Zoom meeting, all you have to do is select @Zoom from the drop-down menu on the left, then type in the Zoom bot join command, followed by the meeting ID of the meeting you want to join and then click Enter. Note that this command will only use your PMI if Enable use of personal meeting ID for instant meetings has been enabled in your Zoom account settings, which means you can use your PMI for instant meetings. You can join the group by clicking here.

For convenience, here’s how you can schedule a Zoom meeting: just open the Zoom desktop client, log in, and choose one of the options below: Schedule a meeting: To schedule a Zoom meeting, follow the steps below. Select the calendar service you set up the integration with in the Calendar section of the Integrations page. If you have a calendar service connected to Zoom, the meeting will sync to it.

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