How to turn off the camera in Zoom

Sometimes during a conference, for various reasons, it is not convenient to turn on the camera. It is possible that they did not manage to get Wi-Fi, and the mobile Internet is very slow. In such cases, it is better not to turn on the video so that the speaker can be heard clearly.

We show and reveal in the screenshots how to switch off the webcam in Zoom during seminars and lectures in Zoom.

Is it possible to turn off the camera in Zoom?

Disable – no, but disable – yes.

To prevent the device from turning on when you join the conference, you need to configure Zoom properly:

  • Open the application, go to settings;
  • Go to the “Video” section;
  • Check the box next to “Turn off my video when joining a meeting.”

During the webinar, you can turn off the camera in Zoom by clicking on the camera below when it is crossed out with a red line – it’s off, all attendees will see your photo if it’s installed. If not, just your name.

If you have an external device, you can turn it off, then your video will not be broadcast in the session, lesson.

In the computer settings, you can prohibit the use of a video camera for this application, in this case an online meeting of the audio format will take place.

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