How to uninstall Zoom from your phone

In order to completely delete your Zoom account, it is not enough to uninstall the application from your phone, you must additionally go to the official Zoom website through the browser and perform a series of actions that will be described below. In the application you can log out of your account or edit your profile.

Step by step with screenshots from the phone we will show and explain how to delete your Zoom account. We will show for Android, but for iPhone the actions are completely identical.

How to remove Zoom account from phone

  • In the phone’s browser, enter the website;
  • On the page, click on the 3 stripes in the upper left corner;
  • Next “Login”;
  • The next page is a login, for speed the site offers to log in with a Google account, Facebook or “via single sign-on”. Or by entering your email address and password;
  • After you are in the system, click again on 3 rows;
  • Next “My Profile”;
  • Click on “Account Management” or “Account Profile” below, scroll the page to the bottom, it can be in the footer of the website;
  • Click on “Delete Account”;
  • We confirm.

After that, you can join webinars from within the application by simply clicking on the conference link, without logging into your account and without registering. This is not possible on the Zuma website, as there is still an offer to download the application.

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