How Zoom will transform Contact Center CX in Australia and New Zealand

Was there ever a time when you were where you needed to be at just the right time? I recently joined Zoom after spending over a decade building and growing Zoom’s Customer Experience (CX) business in Asia Pacific and Japan. I thought I saw everything. We’re excited to announce that Zoom Contact Center will be expanding in the coming months as a result of our hard work in the last few months. In general, the whole area of ​​customer experience, including CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), Are in the middle of a turning point.

Below are the reasons.

The age-old challenge of personalizing CX

With the help of technology, companies are constantly trying to break down barriers between customers and their brands. With Zoom, we can now do things that were previously impossible — like look customers in the eye.

In the powerful yet simple tool we know, Zoom Contact Center, video is natively integrated into the powerful and multi-channel interaction platform. With this intuitive experience combined with seamless and unified screen sharing, voice, and web chat technology, you can now help customers with tasks like filling out forms, troubleshooting, and finding information on your website. This option allows them to communicate in their own way, leading to higher levels of empathy.

The ANZ market is more primed than any other to add video capabilities to our contact enable centers Agents to take the customer service experience to a new level through the use of video. Face-to-face connections are important us cultural. The Philippines reported last year that almost 60% of its citizens make video calls using their mobile phones, Vietnam 48% and Indonesia 43% compared to the global average of 38%. When it comes to more complex and sensitive contexts, video engagement lends itself NO is clearly on the rise.

It is important so we can see each other no matter how small the screen may be. At no other time in history has video been so widely used as a means of bonding and connecting.

Meet Zofrom Contact Center

Our CEO, Eric Yuan, tells us about the frustration he felt when he split from his girlfriend, who eventually became his wife, due to the geographical distance. He wanted to be able to see her face by clicking a button. Zoom was born on that day.

With Zoom’s video-first platform, we’re delivering a personal experience people crave that’s more familiar and easier than ever. With Zoom Contact Center, businesses have the ability to provide fast, personalized service online through a variety of channels including voice, chat and video.
Zoom Contact Center has many reasons to be excited, and here are some of them.

Hybrid working for contact center agents

There was a time when our call center agents worked from home during the COVID crisis. As a result of a Metrigy survey, it is estimated that up to 73% were still there. It is our responsibility as consumers to be a little lenient with them. Any service that could be provided to us would be greatly appreciated. After emerging from COVID, we expected a consistently high level of service, regardless of the conditions of the environment in which we operated. What are the advantages of working from home? I see no problem with that.

Having Zoom Contact Center on your desktop or laptop doesn’t limit your ability to be as effective as possible Location because your agents don’t have to lug around a suitcase full of software tools. Instead of being tied to call center walls, they can now work from anywhere in the world, regardless of their location. Zoom’s platform enables agents to centralize their internal and external communication channels, allowing them to operate from a variety of locations and serve front-line customers. Using a hybrid approach to recruitment can allow You can recruit agents from a wide pool of candidates and increase their job satisfaction can reduce and improve overall costly employee turnover experience and also allow you to recruit from more diverse backgrounds.

Agent and self-service work in harmony

Says Ruby Newell-Legner, Understanding Customers balance one negative customer experience, it takes 12 positive ones.

Zoom makes no compromises when it comes to customer service, just as it helps to avoid friction when working flexibly. In today’s world where mobile apps tend to make life easier, people have higher expectations for quality of service and people become unbearable when they experience poor service. As a business, it’s no longer acceptable to try to offer a slightly less horrible customer experience than your competition. Offering intuitive self-service to consumers is extremely important as 69% of them try to solve their problems themselves first.

With Zoom Virtual Agent, customers get relevant and personal answers instantly without having to wait for a live view Agent, through a conversational AI and chatbot solution built by Zoom. A Great The advantage of Virtual Agents is that they can offer 24/7 services tailored to your needs if you wish.

Using the virtual agent’s natural language processing algorithm, which allows the agent to anticipate customers’ needs, it offers them simple steps to resolve common issues, including paying an invoice or getting updates on a delivery, without involving them you need to talk to a real agent. Offloading these requests reduces agent workload and can have a significant impact on agent productivity. The virtual agent has the benefit of intelligently handing off interactions to an agent when required, incl a complete chat history so you don’t have to repeat both customer or the agent’s responses to the customer. Thus, the transition is seamless and the customer does not have to repeat their information.

Harness the power of empathy

A contact center operation knows the importance of nurturing empathy from its customers. There is also an insight that they get better results when they have happy agents as they have higher levels of empathy. However, empathy is often underestimated. In my opinion, getting empathy right is one of the most important things and everything else becomes almost secondary.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, only 35% of customers agreed that companies really understand them well enough to keep them as customers.

Therefore, you should consider how powerful it can be to give your agents the ability to transfer a call or web chat request to a video Interaction ok build a relationship of trust with your customers. What better way to solve the problem than bringing in an expert from another department, region or even country? preferably person helping you? There’s nothing that makes a customer feel heard like listening to them. Everything is possible thanks to the Zoom platform.

CCaaS will continue to significantly improve CX

As a UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) provider, Zoom has for years promoted the ability of our UCaaS platform to connect team members for seamless conversations and workflows across the enterprise. It is now possible to extend the power of CCaaS underpinning Zoom Contact Center and Virtual Agent to connect customers across all industries and businesses of all sizes with businesses of all sizes. It is also redefining the landscape of customer experience in today’s world.

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