If the meeting organizer cannot start the meeting, can the participant cancel the Zoom meeting?

I can do it.

Check over ” Enable host prior participation ” in the element when scheduling a meeting.

Desktop client screen

Participants can start the meeting before the meeting host (host) starts the meeting.

Important point:

Participants do not have host rights.

Other participants cannot be muted.

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When you open the Zoom application, select the Meetings tab at the top of the window. In the left pane, you’ll see a list of your upcoming meetings. To cancel a meeting, click on the corresponding icon. A list of options for the selected meeting is displayed on the right.

When scheduling a meeting, the host can delegate the task of being the alternate host to another licensed user with the same account. If both users have the same account, the alternate host can initiate the meeting. After being added as an alternate host, that user will receive an email with a link to start the meeting after receiving the notification.

Host controls such as record, mute/unmute, lock meeting, or remove participant are unavailable if the host does not join the meeting or is not signed in when joining.

It ends after forty minutes (if left active or if left inactive).

If no other members join the meeting, it will end after forty minutes.

Where is the host control in Zoom?
  1. open zoom.
  2. Start the meeting by either clicking New Meeting or joining from an invitation.
  3. Click Participants.
  4. Find the name of the person you want to create Waiting room , the screen changes to the following screen. Please wait until host.
  5. Hover over the name and click More.
  6. Click Make Host.
  7. Click Change host.

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