If “Zoom Rooms” says “This room is not available”, 100% solved

The cause of the error is displayed in ” Subjects: ‘ in the error screen.

If ” Preferred (microphone/speaker/camera) is disconnected.Is displayed

So the microphone, speaker or camera device is not connected to the PC

Check the connection between the device and the PC to make sure the error is gone.

Please note the following.

Please use the controller password as the password.

If the error cannot be rectified even if the device is correctly connected,

For example, when changing devices, it is necessary to reset the device.

  1. Beat ” Ideas‘ on the iPad controller.
  2. Switch offLock settings ” .
  3. Enter the application lock code (default 00000).
  4. Select the displayed device in ” SOURCE“. Select the displayed device as ” system selected ‘ as the target device.

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