Impossible to connect Rad Vision in the Zoom app

However, terminals with a direct global IP can be connected to Zoom

You cannot connect a terminal whose global IP is not assigned to the terminal in a NAT environment.

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I recommend you use an online tool that measures your internet bandwidth, such as B. Nperf, Speedtest or Comparitech to make sure you know how much bandwidth you are using. Contact your company’s IT department to verify that your WiFi hotspot is working. If you find that your WiFi bandwidth is not sufficient, you can disable the HD function in your account management as long as your WiFi bandwidth is sufficient. If you are not using your company VPN for the meeting, please turn it off.

If your app is experiencing network errors or your app is stuck in connection mode due to a network error, you may need to check your network connection and run the app again. If you are unable to access our service, it is possible that there is a problem preventing you from connecting. The problem may be related to your network connection, firewall settings, or web security gateway settings.

An error message like the one below can appear for various reasons such as: B. Network connection issues, firewall settings, or the settings of the web security gateway itself, but most likely has something to do with the network connection, firewall settings, or the web security gateway settings itself. Check your internet connection to make sure you’re on Zoom .us by opening a web browser and making sure you have a good internet connection.

If you don’t have much time to test the video or audio before joining a Zoom meeting, you can also test it during a Zoom meeting. Using the Zoom mobile app, you can join the test meeting by going to and then following the steps to determine the audio and video quality of your meeting when using the Zoom mobile app. With Zoom’s mobile app, you can improve your video quality and improve your audio quality.

You can access the settings for the app by going to the top right corner where there is a gear button that can be found there. The Statistics tab is located under the Reports tab. In the Bandwidth section you can see how fast your connection is. The best way to test the quality of the connection is to go through all three tabs one by one, checking each one until you are happy with the connection.

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