Improve internet speed on your Xbox Series X/S

One of the best new generation consoles you can buy is the Xbox Series X/S. The new family of entertainment products from the Redmond-based giant boasts undeniable performance. In addition, its catalog of games is already wide enough so that you can enjoy all kinds of titles, both offline and by connecting to Microsoft servers to crush your opponents. But, What if you’re having connection issues with your Xbox Series X or S?

The truth is that this is one of the most desperate situations: you are in the middle of a game and suddenly the screen is stuck for a few seconds. More than enough time for an enemy to shoot you without you being able to do anything to defend yourself. Or worse, that it directly does not let you connect to the servers due to a bad Internet connection. Luckily, there are ways to fix this problem.

How to improve the connection speed on your Xbox Series X or S

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The first thing we are going to do to check the status of the connection is to do a speed test from the console itself by following these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the Guide
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings.
  • Select Test network speed and statistics.

We will see a table of results that includes three values: download speed, upload speed, and ping or latency. Microsoft reports that the minimum requirements to play are 3 Mbps download speeds, 0.5 Mbps upload speeds, and a ping of less than 150 milliseconds. In addition, if you want to use the console to enjoy streaming platforms such as Netflix, the company indicates that you need a minimum of 1 Mbps download, and a ping of less than 150 milliseconds to enjoy content in SD, or a speed of 3.5 Mbps and ping less than 150 milliseconds to watch movies and series in HD. In this case, the upload speed does not affect.

If you meet these requirements, initially you shouldn’t have connection problems, but if you don’t meet the numbers listed, there are several ways to increase the internet speed on your Xbox Series X or S console.

Connect the Xbox to your wired router

The first thing you should do is connect the console to the router directly using a cable. Wi-Fi connectivity is very comfortable since it allows you to avoid annoying cables, but it loses power compared to the Ethernet connection. So do not hesitate to use this method if it is possible to move the console closer to the router or vice versa. Is it impossible to connect it by cable? Let’s see other options

Use signal repeaters

It is not as effective as connecting the console by cable, but you can cBuy Wi-Fi signal repeaters to increase the range of your router, which should improve the Internet connection of your home console.

Disconnect any other device

If you have many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, it is normal that the signal is saturated. When you go to play online, disconnect any unnecessary equipment: mobile phones, laptops… You will be surprised by the improvement in the signal.

Restart your console if the problem has been punctual

It may seem like a very simple method, but it is much more effective than you imagine. You may have a problem and therefore the connection is not what you usually enjoy, so you have nothing to lose by trying this method.

Change the DNS

Finally, we are going to explain how change your Xbox’s DNS server settings. To do this, you must press the Xbox button on the controller to access the Settings and hit Networks. Within this option, look for Configure Internet connection and select the manual mode in DNS. If you don’t notice changes when you change the DNS server settings, you can always go back to the initial settings, so save the registered values ​​before changing them. We recommend trying the following DNS:

  • Cloudflare: and
  • IBM Quad9:
  • Google: and

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