Join a Zoom event with a direct join link for speakers

As a Zoom event host, you can provide a direct link so speakers can join the conference directly. To join a Zoom session on the desktop client, presenters can use the direct join link even if they’re not logged in, even if they don’t use credentials.

A week before the start of an event, hosts can create links that allow presenters to join their event directly. In order to give hosts and speakers plenty of time to rehearse before an event, the direct join link was created to give them a significant amount of lead time.


There is a 1 week time frame determined by the start time of the event as it is specifically 168 hours before the event starts.

Event organizers can use this feature to help speakers who are having trouble joining an event by helping them work around any issues that may arise. A speaker may find themselves in this situation when they find that they are unable to attend a particular event before their assigned session begins due to a scheduling issue. The reason they may not be able to attend a Zoom event may be that they are using a different account on Zoom’s desktop client, forgot their login credentials, or registered their ticket with the wrong account.

A link and verification code will be sent to the email address you provided. On your Zoom desktop client, you can join the target session using the link and verification code provided in the email.

Note: Speakers will not be able to receive a direct join link until one week prior to the event when it is created and sent.

Prerequisites for the direct join link for presenters

    • The Zoom desktop client can be found here:
      • It is recommended to use Windows version 5.7.6 or later
      • It is recommended to use macOS 5.7.6 or higher
    • A basic user guide


    • It is important to note that Zoom Events version 5.7.6 supports the Windows Webview package; However, due to a dependency with Windows’ webview package, attendees may experience an empty lobby experience.
    • To ensure attendees are able to take advantage of the latest Zoom events and webinar features, we strongly recommend updating all Zoom desktop clients and mobile applications to the latest versions as soon as possible.

How to join a Zoom event with a direct join link for presenters

  1. Sign in to your email account with your username and password.
  2. You will find an email in your inbox inviting you to a Zoom event session. Open the email and accept the invitation.
    You will receive an email with details of your session, a ticket to your event and a confirmation code.
  3. Join the session by clicking the Join Session button.
    Note: Direct Join links are automatically assigned to a session assigned to you by the host once you click the link. It only takes a few seconds to reach your target session after clicking on the direct join link (after your verification).
  4. A verification code will appear on the next page and you will be taken to a page where you need to enter it.
  5. Enter the confirmation code that you received in your invitation email into the text field on the Enter confirmation code page.
  6. Then click the Join button.
    Note: Please note that in order to attend this event, you agree to the Zoom Event Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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