Make the most of your workday with our favorite Zoom features

Zoom’s rich feature set enables people around the world to work better together in their work environments. What zoom features did you find most useful? In other words, the people who are vital to your day-to-day life, those who make your workday a little easier, and those who allow you to form meaningful connections with others.

To improve our everyday life, we use a wide range of Zoom features that help us streamline and simplify our work:

Zoom One basics

A simple way to communicate and collaborate, Zoom One combines team-based chat, phone calls, whiteboards, meetings and more into one service. These core solutions give you access to a variety of favorite Zoomie features, including:

  1. Noise Cancellation – Noise cancellation helps you filter out distracting background noise that can affect your teammates’ ability to hear you clearly in any work environment, so they can hear what you’re saying without being distracted by the dogs barking or the kids playing in your colleague’s office .

  2. Improve Your Appearance – Our company loves “Improve My Appearance” because we’ve all felt the need to go to a meeting after a workout or before morning coffee – that’s why we love the company! In real-time, it improves the appearance of your digital display and gives your images a softer focus.

  3. Switch between mobile and desktop – Take your work with you wherever you go by broadcasting a Zoom meeting to your mobile device, so you can join a meeting on the go while you’re walking the dog, waiting for lunch, or pick up the kids from school.

  4. Presence in Zoom team chat – Presence indicator lets you know if someone is available to reply to your message, if they are busy or even in a meeting, so you don’t have to wonder if they are replying to your message anymore will or not . This notification notifies you when they become free from their busy schedule. You can use this feature if you find that they are not available.

  5. Add a Personal Note – Sometimes not saying a word is the best way to communicate effectively! Under your contact information, you can provide helpful information about yourself by writing a personal note that will appear under your contact information, letting your co-workers know if you are out of the office or attending an on-site event.

More Zoom extras to simplify your workday

So we have to admit that we couldn’t select only five features – the Zoom platform has too many features that make collaboration easier and more enjoyable!

Zoom team chat

zoom phone

  • Voicemail Transcription – Have your voicemails transcribed into text so you can quickly scan them – and make them more accessible for employees who are hard of hearing due to their hearing impairment.

Zoom Meetings

  • Hide Self View – To avoid meeting fatigue, you can hide Self View, which removes the video feed from your device from the display so you can take a break from staring at your digital self to avoid meeting fatigue.

Zoom whiteboard

  • Share in Zoom team chat – If you’re in a chat, channel, or group, you can instantly share your whiteboard there.

Get an all-in-one package with Zoom One

Is your team looking for an easier way to communicate with each other? We invite you to explore Zoom One’s all-in-one license type and how it offers you an easy-to-use and modern experience. Visit our Zoom One page for more information.

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