Manage the security and privacy of Zoom’s Salesforce integration

Access to certain data is required to use the Salesforce integration with Zoom. Below are the types of information we collect and share with third parties for the purposes of this integration.

How your data is used

In order to make it easier for you to use this app, we need to access and use the following information from your Zoom account:

  • User information:
    • User ID for Zoom Phone
    • User ID for Zoom
    • Zoom user’s email address
    • Password for the PMI meeting
    • Additional services available
  • If you created a meeting in Salesforce, the event page shows the following information:
    • The topic of the meeting
    • URL to join the group
    • The meeting password is:
    • There is a number of participants and a number of participants
    • Time and date of the Zoom meeting
    • Meeting ID for Zoom meetings
    • Duration of a Zoom meeting
    • Homepage URLs
    • ID of the host user on the server
  • Recording Information – This information will appear on your event page after the meeting is complete:
    • Start and end time of the recording
    • Zoom recording playback URL
    • The type of recording to be made
  • Webinar Information – This information will appear on your webinar page once the webinar is created:
    • Webinar topic
    • Description and program of the webinar
    • Webinar start and end times
    • Join URL for the webinar
    • Registration URL for the webinar
    • Webinar settings (approval type, allow attendees to join from multiple devices, close registration after specific date, host and attendee video settings, practice session, webinar password) depend on the type of approval.
    • Number of participants
    • The actual start and end times of the event
    • Information about the registrant (first name, last name, registrant ID, registrant join URL, approval status, any questions about Zoom webinar registrants)
    • Information about participants (including participant ID, participant user ID, email, name, entry and exit time and duration of the event)
    • (Panelist name, email, panelist ID, panelist join URL and other information about panelists)
  • Zoom Phone Call Details – These details can be found in your call logs:
    • Time the ring starts
    • When does the answer start?
    • The end time of the call is:
    • duration of the call
    • ID of the call
    • Called party extension number
    • The phone number of the called party
    • Caller’s extension number
    • The phone number of the caller
    • status of the signal

From your Salesforce account, this application accesses and uses the following information:

  • Users Contact/Lead Information (First Name, Last Name, Email) – These contacts/leads will be used when registering for Zoom webinars for these contacts/leads.

frequently asked Questions

Enable Zoom integration

  1. When you are in Setup, you need to type Zoom Video Setup in the Quick Find box and then select Zoom Video Setup from the list that appears.
  2. By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree to the terms.
  3. The Salesforce Sales Cloud 360 app can be installed by selecting Go to Zoom Marketplace and approve the installation. …
  4. It is possible to exclude specific email addresses and domains from the list. …
  5. Zoom integration must be enabled.

Make a call seamlessly from the Phone widget in Salesforce with the Zoom Phone app. Salesforce Lightning and Classic are powered by this integration.

The Zoom integration automatically creates Salesforce campaigns based on the webinar title when you create Zoom webinars. You can view approved, blocked, and pending registrations through the Zoom webinar integration with Salesforce.

Zoom for Salesforce allows users to set up Zoom Phone. Zoom Admin/Zoom Users > Manage Assignments > Add Assignments from Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets.

How to enable Click to Dial

  1. Open Setup and then Call Center.
  2. Click on Continue.
  3. Next to Zoom Phone Call Center, click Edit.

With the Zoom Bot integration for Workplace by Facebook, you can start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting. The Workplace integration can be set up in the Zoom Marketplace if it’s your first time.

Obtain and install the Zoom app in Salesforce

On the Salesforce AppExchange, select Get It Now to download the Zoom app. Your Salesforce admin (production) account must be signed in when prompted. 2. Choose whether to install to production or sandbox.

Steps to embed Zoom Meetings

  1. Step – Build a WordPress website.
  2. Step – Download and install the Zoom Meetings for WordPress plugin.
  3. Step – Create an app with API key.
  4. Step – Add API key to WordPress.
  5. Step – Use shortcode on website (with Zoom meeting ID)
  6. Step – Publish Page.

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