Manage your Zoom Events host profile

On their public host profile page, hosts have the ability to organize and manage data that is visible to attendees and available to the public. As a host, you can add your profile picture and contact information, as well as links to your social networks.


You will be prompted to create a host profile when you first log into Zoom Events, along with a default hub when you first log in.

Requirements for managing your Zoom Events host profile

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.7.6 or higher
    • Mac OS: 5.7.6 or later
  • Mobile Zoom client
    • iOS: 5.7.6 or later
    • Android: 5.7.6 or higher
  • Pro, Business, Enterprise or Education account
  • Stripe or PayPal business account is required to create paid events
  • Zoom Events License


  • The Zoom Events platform depends on the Webview package of Windows; Therefore, although version 5.7.6 can support Zoom events, the host may find that the lobby is inaccessible due to this dependency.
  • It is highly recommended that hosts update their Zoom desktop client or mobile application to the latest version as soon as possible in order to access the latest Zoom events and webinar features.

How to manage your host profile

  1. Zoom Events can be accessed by logging in.
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner.
    A new page will appear where you can edit your host profile.
  3. There are a number of settings that can be changed on the Host Profile page, including:
    • Profile pic:
    • Changing your profile picture is as easy as clicking the change button and uploading a new one.
    • It is not possible to resize a host profile picture after it has been uploaded.
    • Hostname:
    • If you would like your events and profile to appear in your name, please enter it here. By default, the Zoom web portal uses the name you set in your Zoom profile.
    • Host description:
    • Describe yourself and the events you host in a brief description of who you are and what you do.
    • The description of a product can be a maximum of 350 characters long.
    • Contact email:
    • It is possible that participants will contact you via the e-mail address you enter in the registration form. In order to continue to reach you, Zoom will continue to use the email address associated with your Zoom account to contact you.
      • The contact email address can be changed by clicking the Change button.
    • Public Profile URL:
    • Using a public profile URL, hosts can direct users to their host profile pages to view more information about them. Public profile URLs can be assigned to each host separately.
      You can copy your public profile URL by clicking the copy icon.
      • In order to be permanently associated with your Zoom Events host profile, it’s very important to spend a little time creating your public profile URL. The public profile URL that you create and save to your profile is permanently attached to your profile and you cannot edit or change it in any way once saved.
      • Please enter a number or a letter between 3 and 20. Symbols, spaces and special characters are not allowed in the password.
    • Host Media:
    • Your event host profile can be boosted by uploading videos.
    • The maximum video length is 60 seconds. Maximum video size is 50MB, MP4 files only.
      1. Click + Add Video to add a video.
      2. On your computer, select a video to upload.
      3. Open the file.
      4. During a 30-day period, hosts can add up to 100 videos to their host profile, but only three videos will appear on the host profile page at a time.
    • Social profile:
    • Make it easy for your attendees to connect with you by including links to your website and social media pages. Provide the URLs of Twitter, LinkedIn, and your website.
  4. Save your previous host profile changes by clicking Save.

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