New! Zoom IQ for Sales is available in 12 additional languages

To communicate effectively in the workplace, especially during sales pitches, it’s important to be clear and concise. Our AI-powered Zoom IQ for Sales solution provides you with actionable insights from your data-driven conversations to help your sales team clarify and increase the effectiveness of your sales conversations by providing you with actionable insights from your data-driven conversations.

As a result of the overwhelming interest from our worldwide users in this groundbreaking development new solution, we are pleased to announce that the beta has started for 12 more languages ​​so stay tuned! Additionally, we’ve updated our AI-driven conversation intelligence platform for you and your teams to benefit from.

Conversational intelligence in more languages

Global expansion is underway for Zoom IQ for Sales! Zoom IQ for Sales now supports 12 more languages ​​in addition to Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Dutch Ukrainian So more users can discover the important insights of Zoom IQ for Sales as soon as they install it.

It doesn’t even require you to choose your language when you create her account. Zoom IQ recognizes the dominant language in conversation and processes it accordingly as soon as you start speaking, so you don’t have to worry about it. You are just one click away from switching to another language if you want the transcript in another language.

There are some features related to Zoom IQ that our additional 12 don’t have yet languages, but They will be available in 2023, like summaries, smart chapters and filler words analysis, all that will be available as of the next Year.

You can start a trial today by contacting your Zoom representative and we’d love to hear your thoughts around the service!

More functions for you

However, innovation is not the end of the story! Zoom IQ for Sales has quite a few new Features that can help you get the most out of your conversations.

Zoom IQ for Sales in the Zoom client

To give you faster access to data-driven insights about your business, Zoom IQ for Sales is now directly accessible In the zoom client.

thinNew user role “Employee”.

As a member of Zoom IQ Collaborators, you can access basic post-meeting analytics for your users without having to provide them with a Zoom IQ for Sales license. Here is a link where you can learn all about it!

Bi-directional integration with Salesforce and Hubspot

You can automatically sync deal progress on Zoom IQ for Sales with Salesforce and Hubspot when you integrate Zoom IQ for Sales with these two CRM platforms, enriching your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data with key conversation metrics and analytics.

Discover what’s possible with Zoom IQ for Sales

Have you ever wondered how Zoom IQ for Sales can improve sales results in your company? team, allow them to reach their full potential and reach new heights in their career? Would you like to find out more? Please visit our website to learn more about what we offer! Please register for our live webinar to better understand some proven selling strategies to help start the new year off in the right direction.

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