Pin or highlight a video in Zoom Rooms

As part of a meeting, you have the option to pin or highlight a video.

To see a specific speaker, consider pinning a screen to disable active speaker view. Pinning another participant’s video will affect your local view in the Zoom Room but not other participants’ views, and pinning another participant’s video will not affect cloud recordings.

When a video is highlighted, it creates the primary active speaker’s position for all participants in both the meeting and the cloud recordings. For Spotlights to work, you need at least three meeting participants who have their videos turned on during the meeting. There is only one person capable of making spotlights and that is the host.

Requirements for pinning or highlighting a video in a Zoom Room

  • There is a version of Zoom Rooms higher than 5.0.5

How to pin or tag a video in a Zoom Room

  1. Start a new meeting or schedule a meeting that is already scheduled.
  2. On the Zoom Room Controller, select Manage Participants from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once the host or attendee’s name is selected, tap the Pin or Spotlight Video options to highlight the video.
  4. You can choose which screen you want to pin the video to if you have multiple screens in your Zoom Room.

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