Please let me know the lead time if you add zoom license

The lead time for the service start for additional licenses is 10 working days after receipt of your order.

Purchase from the date of commencement of use to the expiration date of the license currently in use.

At the time of renewal, it will be renewed stating the renewal period.

If you would like to purchase an additional license, please contact the Zoom team here.

frequently asked Questions

In the navigation pane, select Account Management, then select Billing. Select Interested in other plans on the Current plan tab. Add the license you want to buy to your shopping cart by clicking Add to Cart. You can choose to pay for the number of licenses you need monthly or annually.

Licensed users can host unlimited meetings using their paid accounts. For additional capacity, large meeting licenses are available for meetings larger than 100 participants. In addition to the features listed above, licensed users have the ability to customize their own meeting ID.

Sessions can last up to 40 minutes. The account owner or admin must assign you a license if you need to host meetings longer than 40 minutes. A licensed user is someone who has paid for an account and is allowed to hold unlimited meetings without being limited to 40 minutes.

Users license Zoom. It is against our EULA to share your account with others. You must also purchase a license for your colleague.

The web or desktop app are both available to check if you have a Zoom license (paid version). Do you need a Zoom license? You can request a license by emailing if you currently have a base license and want to host meetings longer than 40 minutes.

Licensed. The session duration is limited to 40 minutes, the maximum number of participants to 300. Sessions can be held indefinitely. Video conferencing features.

Verify that you have a Zoom Pro account

  1. You can access your Zoom account via the myTC portal.
  2. Under General Technology Resources, click TC Zoom under Student, Faculty, or Staff Resources.
  3. You can access your profile by clicking Profile in your Zoom account.
  4. You have a Zoom Pro account if the User Type says Licensed.

desktop application

    1. Use Zoom’s desktop client to sign in.
    2. You can access your profile by clicking your profile picture (or initials) at the top right of the page.
    3. If you are licensed for Zoom, a pop-up window will appear.

Students enrolled in elementary, college, and trade schools now have free access to licensed Zoom accounts.

Your current subscription, billing, and billing history can be viewed on the billing page of the Zoom web portal. Subscription and payment information may also be updated.

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