Screen sharing in Zoom Rooms for Touch

Follow these steps to start screen sharing in Zoom Rooms for Touch before or after starting a meeting if you’ve already set up Zoom Rooms for Touch.

This article covers:

  • How to share the screen before starting a meeting
  • How to share the screen during a meeting
  • How to use the screen sharing controls

Requirements for screen sharing in Zoom Rooms for Touch

  • A Zoom Room can be used as a conference room
    • A Windows version of 5.3.0 or higher is required
    • Mac OS X 5.3.0 or later is required
  • A touchscreen and Windows 8.1 or higher
  • Touch drivers are installed on the computer


  • Devices compatible with Zoom for Home

How to share the screen before starting a meeting

  • Zoom app, browser, or AirPlay instructions provide instructions on how to share content.
    Note: At the bottom of the screen you can toggle the toggle to allow multiple participants to share at the same time.
  • Screen sharing controls can be found here.

How to share the screen during a meeting

  • Zoom Rooms for Touch lets you start or join a meeting.
  • You can view the onboard controller by tapping the ellipsis (…) in the lower right corner.

  • Use the built-in controller to share content.

  • Share by following the on-screen instructions. It is possible to share directly, use or mirror your screen through Apple.
    Note: At the bottom of the screen you will find a switch that allows multiple participants to share at the same time.
  • Share your screen using the controls.

How to use the screen sharing controls

The following screen sharing controls are located at the bottom during screen sharing:

Note: In addition to these options, you can use the same tools to add annotations to a whiteboard session.

  • HIDE: The bottom panel can be hidden. The up arrow shows it when it’s hidden.
  • STOP SHARE: Show the built-in controller instead of the screen share.
  • NEW SHARE: Sharing instructions will appear. Screen mirroring is available through Apple,, and Direct Sharing.
  • START MEETING: Screen sharing can be used to start a meeting.

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frequently asked Questions

How do you zoom on a touchscreen?

Select Settings in the lower-right corner of the meeting controls screen. You’ll be prompted to enter the room’s passcode when you click Displays. The following message is displayed on every monitor in Zoom Rooms. On the touchscreen monitor, tap Use as touchscreen display.

How does you screen sharing on Zoom seamlessly?

window | macOS | Linux

  1. Launch Zoom on your desktop.

  2. Zoom meetings can be started or joined.

  3. The Split Screen icon is located in the Controls toolbar.

  4. In the Sharing Options window, click Advanced. It will appear in a new window.

  5. Check the box next to All participants to enable sharing.

What is the preferably Ability to share screen in Zoom?

Screen sharing: Here’s how

  1. Then tap Share. There you will find the controls for the meeting.

  2. Touch the screen.

  3. Confirm by tapping Start now.

  4. You can open annotation tools at the bottom of the screen or stop sharing by tapping Stop Sharing.

Can you zoom without touching the screen?

Magnification of part of the screen

You can move the zoom window by dragging it with two fingers. The zoom can be adjusted by pinching with two fingers. Press your zoom link again to stop zooming.

What do you need for a Zoom Room?

To set up a Zoom Room, you need at least an iPad, Android, or Windows 10 tablet capable of running the Zoom Room app. The Zoom Rooms scheduling viewer can run on a tablet that includes TV displays, speakers, cameras, microphones, and an iPad.

If I share my screen on Zoom, can they still see me?

Your screen cannot be seen by meeting hosts or participants without your permission. When you join a Zoom meeting, your computer screen cannot be seen by the host and other participants.

How do I see everyone in Zoom while sharing the screen?

Click the filmstrip icon at the top of the panel to view participants in gallery view. Video panes are vertical by default, but can be dragged up or down to display participants in a horizontal strip.

What is the difference between Zoom and Zoom Rooms?

Those who need to attend a meeting individually should consider Zoom Meetings, while those who want to view a meeting in a conference room should consider Zoom Rooms.

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