Streamline hybrid workspaces with Zoom’s latest innovation, seat reservation

The idea that work is something you do, not a place you go, is becoming increasingly important to companies and employees around the world. Because of this change, it has also led to a changed view of the workplace In Perspective.

In our 2022 survey, conducted in partnership with Momentive, just over half of remote workers prefer a hybrid set up, where they also work from home at the office. Still, over half of remote workers still prefer to be in the office, meeting new customers (53%) and participating in team activities (58%). In order to enable a productive working environment between hybrid teams, companies need to equip their offices and workspaces with flexible solutions facilitate their collaboration work, Encouraging employee socialization and reducing the distance between office locations and remote control Workspaces so employees can collaborate more effectively.

With the release of the workspace reservation, we can provide you with a variety of workspaces to meet your needs. It was added as the latest addition to Zoom platform too Give users the ability to book office space in advance, see who else is visiting, and get recommendations on where to sit new functionality. In one example from our beta customers, one of them even used advance workspace reservation to reserve a parking spot for the day at their office.

With Zoom Workspace Reservation, you can enhance and streamline your hot-desking and hoteling experiences in a way that offers maximum flexibility. It is important Note that Workspace Reservation supports hybrid teams and sysadmins in many ways, including:

hybrid teams

  • Flexible hot desking options: You can schedule a seat reservation for a few minutes or a whole day – the choice is yours.

  • On Demand Booking: You can reserve a seat when you arrive in the Zoom Room, at the counter, or directly at the counter using the kiosk, the scheduling window, or the calendar outside of the Zoom Room.

  • Intuitive user experience: When teams book office workspaces, they have the opportunity to use a familiar interface and platform they are already familiar with.

system administrators

  • An optimized process: You can also easily upload custom office cards from the admin portal as a seat Locations for your customers and make booking a seamless and efficient experience.

  • Simplified space management: By adding a QR code to your workspace, you can do this Just reserve a seat below at any time.

  • Workspace Optimization with Analytics: Workspace Reservation gives you the ability to collect data on how your teams use their spaces and plan and use them build more Efficient and effective workspaces based on the information collected.

Simplifying hot desking and hoteling in the age of hybrid work

Workspace Reservation is a Zoom app that can be accessed through Zoom’s desktop client or through your web browser. It allows you to book a wide range of workspaces including:

  • Zoom Rooms: A fast and easy way to collaborate

  • There are several devices that can be used with Zoom phones

  • Desks for the workplace

  • Rooms that can be configured for in-person meetings, demonstrations, and other types of meetings

According to Jeff Smith, Group Product Manager, Zoom Rooms and Whiteboard, Head of Zoom Rooms, “Employers continue to prioritize hybrid office management because it provides a secure, easy-to-use, and comprehensive way to help them work remotely and in-office connect users together”. As a complement to Zoom’s hybrid work offering, workspace reservations are an exception to that helps employees access the tools they need to do their jobs preferably work anytime, no matter what time of the day.

It is now possible to reserve a workplace. Contact your AE or a Zoom specialist for more information on workspace reservations or how it can help bring your teams together.

In addition, Zoom offers a range of corporate communications solutions available through our video communications platform as well Solutions to support the continuous evolution of the office and the hybrid workers who were developed to support both.

Our Work Transformation Summit, taking place today, gives you an overview of seat reservation and other Zoom technologies which contributes to the improvement of hybrid working environments. To learn more, register for the summit.

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