Take your meetings to the next level with essential apps curated by Zoom

There are endless things to do when running a growing business. Getting the most out of your meetings is critical if you want to break down this long list, and making the most of your meetings to get things done is imperative if you want to grow your business. However, there are many other meeting tasks that can distract you from your focus on communicating and collaborating, such as: B. Taking notes, navigating to other applications, and interacting with other aspects of the meeting environment.

We’re here for you, so don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Introducing Zoom-curated Essential Apps, a new service we’re adding to our Zoom One paid online plans to help you improve communications, create engaging experiences, and improve workflows.

Essential apps curated by Zoom: What are they?

The Zoom Apps tool we created allows you to easily access and launch your favorite apps and tools directly from Zoom Meetings as well as other Zoom products. There are many apps in the Zoom App Marketplace that are free to download, but some of them have premium versions that need to be purchased in order to use them.

Your Zoom One Pro, Business, and Business Plus plan comes with access to a selection of premium versions of a variety of apps, which you can access as part of Essential Apps. There are several apps that you can use to automate manual tasks such as Such as taking notes during meetings, easily accessing other software programs, and creating a more engaging meeting experience by using these apps. Instead of spending your time frantically typing notes to keep up with the conversation, or constantly managing the meeting experience, you can focus on communicating, collaborating, and achieving more in your meetings!

With just a few clicks, you’ll be using Zoom in no time since Essential Apps are already available and ready to go. You can access Zoom by updating to the latest version of the software. There’s one more thing I want to mention. With Zoom One Pro, Business or Business Plus you have access to all essential apps for a year. Some conditions apply.

This video gives you a sneak peek at the essential apps you can access as part of the Zoom One plan, which you select when you upgrade or buy a new one.

productivity and collaboration

Are you looking for a way to improve teamwork, automate tasks like note-taking, and make your meetings run more smoothly? We have compiled a list of the most important apps for you!


Increase the effectiveness of your meetings by using Coda, an app that allows you to access Coda documents from your Zoom meetings. In Zoom Meetings, you can now check the sentiment in coda documents, stay on task with meeting timers, or even confirm meeting results with a decision memo, all via coda documents.


Interested in incorporating some amazing visuals into your meeting? If so, please let me know! This program brings your presentations to life with a range of features including the ability to integrate GIPHY reactions into your presentation and the ability to interact with your attendees.

To read

We could all benefit from a little help understanding what’s going on in the meeting room from time to time, and Read’s Meeting Tools & Metrics app is here to help. As part of the Zoom Meetings app, you can leverage tools like personalized meeting reports and alerts that let you know when engagement dips to keep your Zoom Meetings moving in the right direction.


How many times have you been distracted by another topic during a meeting that got out of hand? Maintain a clear visual agenda throughout your meetings and keep attendees engaged with pre-packaged activities like icebreakers that will keep your meetings running smoothly. It is also possible to include structured results in your meeting notes with the Sesh app to keep them organized.

Team activities and workshops

Whether you’re working with a team, brainstorming, or want to improve your collaboration, these must-have apps are a perfect choice.


Meetings, training courses and presentations are more engaging when these elements are interactive and game-based! With that in mind, Kahoot is the perfect tool for you! The premium 360 Essential app lets you learn what it’s all about and start learning right away, with friendly competition and learning power-ups. Build teamwork and collaboration today by stimulating your collaboration!


I believe that gaming can help you relieve stress, build relationships and help you learn new things. This experience can now be brought to your Zoom meetings with Funtivity for you to experience in your Zoom meetings. Create an unforgettable experience for your participants by providing them with trivia games, bingo games and escape rooms.


As a result of custom matchmaking rules, you can engage your attendees in timed back-to-back conversations during a meeting to engage your attendees and improve connections. A virtual water dispenser can be created with the Twine application, among many other functions.


Use the Welo app to create an immersive breakout room experience for your attendees that they will love! Create your own virtual space or customize your avatar to suit your team’s needs or use features like personalized avatars.


Providing a fun and informative onboarding process for your new hires is essential to their future success and satisfaction at your company. Our Embark mobile app makes it easy to enhance your employees’ onboarding experience, including customizable templates, icebreaker activities, surveys and more.

Sales and Customer Relationships

The benefit of integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution into your meetings allows you to present yourself and your team professionally, gain important insights and simplify access to your solution during the meeting itself.

Warmly Virtual Business Cards

Warmly Virtual Business Cards are a great solution for making a lasting impression on your clients – since they can be sent right in your meeting – by sending a memorable Virtual Business Card that can be sent right in your meeting. You can even customize your team’s logos and backgrounds to match your meeting times, and add more information about your meeting guests to your digital calendar.

Playbooks by Gondola

A key feature of Playbooks by Gondola is its ability to help you focus on the conversation at hand. With features designed to simplify managing customer relationships in your CRM solution and streamline customer tracking with collaborative virtual workspaces to keep you on top of things.

Start with Essential Apps

Visit our Essential Apps page for more information on this Zoom-curated list of apps and how to access them.

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